Tips to decorate the sidelight windows in the abode’s entrance

The narrow windows flanking the front entrance to the home bring the light in and create a wider formal look for the abode’s entry. They also can create a clear view into the private world of the home from strangers on the front stoop ringing the doorbell.arched-door-sidelight-eden2

Decorating the sidelights to the door is not difficult

Depending on the level of privacy that you require or the amount of light that you want to let in there are a variety of choices.

Wallpaper for Windows has beautiful films that are easy to apply and remove for reuse. This is a wonderful option that comes in an array of designs in opaque and clear films.

  • Create a stained glass lookeabiscaynepriv-pic4
  •  Add a traditional etched glass
  • Attach a contemporary geometric for a modern style abodeeamontereysun-prv-pic6
  • For divided windows use a color or a small pattern inside each frame

Hunter Douglas “Luminette® Privacy Sheers are ideal for sidelight and accent window applications. The perfect solution for those narrow, hard-to-cover windows.”

  • Sheers in widths from 8″ to 11 7/8″ will operate as tilt-only and not traverse
  • Available in the 3 1/2″ vane size, in six fabric styles, and with translucent or room-darkening vanes
  •  Enhances child and pet safety

Hunter Douglas Operable Sidelight Blinds. “Duette® and Applause® honeycomb shades now offer the simple elegance of cordless operable and non-operable sidelights.”hunter douglas silhouettestdtiltonly

  • Operable sidelights maximum height up to 84″, and widths up to 17 7/8″
  • Available in 3/8″ and 3/4″ pleat sizes
  • No unsightly cord pooling
  • Enhances child and pet safety
  • Available as standard bottom-up, or with top-down/bottom-up design options

Window sheer curtains will add a softness to the abode’s decor.
  • Sheers are gathered and hung tight with top and bottom rods to cover the window
  • Add a tie to pull the middle in to let some light in during the day

Shutters and blinds can easily be opened for daylight and closed for privacy.

  • Plantation blinds are perfect for a seashore cottage and shutters look attractive for a country decor.
  • Both wood shutters and blinds can be painted to match the trim or walls or leave the beauty of the natural wood

Tall topiary potted plants create a peaceful green decor with the added benefits of acting as a privacy screen for the sidelights.

Rachel greathouse
Rachel greathouse
  • Use them outside or inside.
  •  Use them in conjunction with another window treatment to add dimension and beauty.

Let the light shine in on your life and enjoy the private moments. Never be afraid to dance!

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