Create fabric walls with 3M hooks for a beautiful dorm or rental abode

Decorating a dorm room or rental can be a challenge, but it can also be a fun experience experimenting with different ideas to make the room into a personal statement of yourself. Guys might think that the girls have it all together when decorating but everyone can use a hand and some helpful advice to conquering ugly dorm room walls.

Be sure to watch me on this eHow video for a tutorial to achieving a beautiful fabric draped wall using Command hooks!

Guys, and girls, command beautiful walls using 3M Command hookscommand hooks

Command Brand by 3M has an array of useful hooks in many sizes, finishes, and colors to be used in any room. The hooks are perfect for dorm rooms since they can be attached to a surface without any harm.  The hooks and products leave no holes at all to damage a wall and can be removed in an instant to leave no marks behind and ready to be reused for a new application.

Command hooks go way beyond simply working as a hook to hold a bathrobe or towel.IMG_4350

Think outside of the box when using the hooks and you can create a beautiful wall covered with fabric. Perfect to make the decor your own and to hide old ugly dorm walls crafted with cinder blocks. Be creative using the hooks.

Command’s clear hooks are the perfect place to begin with dressing the wall in fabric.  

“These new clear hooks, clips and organization products –complete with a transparent adhesive strip – blend seamlessly into walls and other surfaces providing endless decorating possibilities. Hold 0.5 to 2 pounds, depending on product.”


The clear hooks will blend into the wall making the fabric of choice the centerpiece of the decor. Keep the fabric choice light weight to make it easy to hang. Have fun creating a beautifully decorated wall using fabric.

Place hooks in equal intervals apart on the wall just below the ceiling.

IMG_4352Have fun playing with fabric choices to create a unique decor.

  • Drape fabric in a swag effect from hook to hook to create a soft dimensional border around the room.
  • Use readymade curtains that are 84 inches long. Attach curtain rings to the top (these easily just clip on) using the same distance between rings as between hooks on wall. Then hang the curtains flat against the wall using the rings to hang on the hooks. Dress one wall as an accent behind your bed or have fun with your roommate dressing all of the walls.
  • Use curtain rings to dress the entire perimeter of the room with a curtain valance. Get a matching curtain to adorn in the window using a tension rod.
  • A fun shower curtain will add a bit of excitement to a boring wall. Use the ready-made slits at the top of the curtain to hook the curtain onto the clear Command hooks attached to the wall. Hold the curtain on the wall and mark with pencil at the points on the wall where the holes are along the top of the curtain. Place the hooks on the wall at your marks. Center the shower curtain on the wall or over the bed.

Watch me on my eHow video series Back to School: Dorm Life” for more great tips on decorating and organizing the dorm room!

The dorm room is the first step to having your own abode to decorate. Make sure that it truly expresses who you are and that it is a place of enjoyment for you to come home to after a busy day of classes. Have fun creating dorm room fashions. Don’t forget to coordinate with roommates. Enjoy college life and never be afraid to dance!

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