Bike Furniture Design makes unique decor for the abode

Bicyclists and motorcycle enthusiasts are loving the warmer weather and sunny days taking their bikes out to feel the wind in their face as they cruise around the lovely scenery. The love of bikes does not have to stop with the mere ride. Bike Furniture Design has taken the love of bike inside to decorate the abode with unique and sustainable furnishings.

Beloved bikes can now have a second life as furniture after their road worthiness is over.

Bike lovers become one with nature as they maneuver the roads and trails appreciating the scenery and learning about the value of saving natural recourses. Bike Furniture Design takes the old bicycles and motorcycles out of the dump and recycles them into beautiful furniture that anyone would love to have adorning the abode.

In their quest to save the Earth by recycling bike parts into furnishings Bike Design Furniture has also taken to repurposing other transportation vehicle parts as well using “train and automobile windows for tabletops, and surplus automotive seat-belt webbing for seating upholstery”.

The furniture designs fit into the decor like artful pieces of sculpture that add beauty and usefulness.

“Working within the vernacular of classic modern furniture design, BFD founder Andy Gregg has continued to refine this comfortable and durable furniture since 1990.”

The Tables are constructed using bicycle rims and topped with choices of glass, acrylic, or steel.

The S-2 Table series


  • “The S-2 Bar series is named after the bomb-proof S-2 rim found on Schwinn bicycle classics such as the Typhoon and other such ‘Middle-weight’ cruisers, and also Sting Rays and Crates.”

Vector TablevectorT2

  • “The Vector side table is made from professional-level bicycle rim sections. It is topped with an option of either smoked or clear glass. It is also available with a metal top in a variety of colors.”

S-6 Bar Tables6bardoubletree06

  • ” The S-6 Bar Table is named after the formidable S-6 rim, which was produced by the Schwinn Bicycle Company and was used on their tank-like and, for many years, ubiquitous Varsity model, among others.”

Chairs and Barstools are crafted using rims, tires, inner tubes and padding saved from death in a dump.

Vector Lounge Chairvector chair

  • “The Vector Series Lounge Chair (LCV) frame is constructed of aluminum bicycle rims. This chair is available with custom padded vinyl cushions in a choice of colors. The rims that serve as arm rests on this chair can be fitted with your favorite mountain bike tires or with inner-tubes only. They can also be fitted with a simple pad. This chair is suitable for outdoor use.”

The Milano Lounge Chairmilano chair milano chair2

  • “It is constructed of chromed steel bicycle rims, and handlebars. It is available with a choice inner-tube upholstery which includes easily replaceable, inflated inner-tubes on the seat and back for user-adjusted cushioning, or with cushions made with a wide choice of fabrics. The rims that serve as arm rests on this chair can be fitted with tires or with heavy-duty inner-tubes.”


  • This beautiful chair is available as a rocker with padding or lounge chair made with “inner-tube upholstery with replaceable, inflated inner-tubes to provide cushioning.”

Stuffed Chair is created specifically using bikes that have been in an unfortunate accident.

“The Stuffed Chair is named for the phenomenon of head-on bicycle collisions which result in a bicycle frame with a compacted dimensional state. That is, they have been ‘stuffed’. When a bike has been “stuffed” it is usually best to replace the damaged frame.”stuffedfish2

  • “The bike frames used in this chair model have often been the victim of this destructive occurrence.” Bike Furniture Design allows folks to save their own beloved bikes after disaster by allowing one to send the bike to them to have Bike Furniture Design craft it into repurposed “stylish comfort” for the decor.

Beautiful loveseats, benches and ottomans are also crafted out of recycled parts into beautiful decor.

bench s2black020w


The founder of Bike Furniture Design, and primary designer, “Andy Gregg has been influenced by his years spent in bike shops, and on bikes”. Mr. Gregg has taken his love for bikes a step further to save his wheeled friends from being tossed into a dump, turning them into repurposed furnishings. The bike furniture provides for sustainable living with decor to be placed as if a piece of art.

Sustainable decor is created simply by using imagination and pure will. Keep an open mind and never be afraid to dance!

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