Cardboard turned back into new ‘wood’ decor for the abode

Society today is excessive in everything including waste. Designers are now attempting to reduce the waste by recycling objects into beautiful new furnishings. Cardboard has now become a sustainable entity that is saved to remanufacture into brand new decor.

Through a unique technique tossed cardboard is salvaged and turned into extraordinary designs.

Domingo Tótora has created an amazing process that turns ordinary tossed cardboard into new wood like  and stone looking furnishings that are exquisite as well as eco-friendly.Designs_18

By reducing the cardboard to a pulp substance Domingo Tótora has developed a unique material to use to form into decorative furnishings.

“In a certified sustainable process, recycled cardboard is broken up into small pieces and turned into a pulp that serves as the base material for furniture, objects and sculptural pieces that are molded by hand, dried in the sun and finished to perfection. In this beautiful and labor intensive process, the cardboard which originated as wood, essentially is brought back full cycle by taking on a wood-like quality again.”

Beautiful designs that appear to be wood and stone are actually crafted from recycled cardboard.

Domingos Tótora returned to his hometown in Brazil after studying design in Sao Paulo. “The surrounding landscape and his passion for nature serve as the sources of inspiration for his work.” His work is grown out of his “respect of the environment”.

Domingos Tótora’s studio and process is a work of art in themselves.

The finished products created from the process are a tribute to how beauty can be salvaged from garbage in order to assist in living in a sustainable world. Just as a bloom may sprout atop of a mound of garbage, with some inventiveness a beautiful object can be grown out of recycling common waste. Designs_02a Designs_04 Designs_04a Designs_05 Designs_06 Designs_07 Designs_08 Designs_09 Designs_10 Designs_11a Designs_12a Designs_13 Designs_14 Designs_14b Designs_15 Designs_21 Designs_22 Designs_27 Designs_30 Designs_34 Designs_35 Process_02 Process_03 Process_04 Process_05 Process_06

It is wonderful that more and more people are looking for ways to sustain the world. Planet Earth is home and in order for it to sustain living beings it is time for Earthlings to give back in order to protect the planet. Discover the sustainability in yourself and never be afraid to dance!

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