Decorating a metal cabinet from drab to fab decor for the abode

Having a beautifully furnished home to show off is the goal for mostly everyone. Decorating the abode can get costly so redecorating using items that you already own or acquire can be the perfect solution to obtaining a beautiful decor without breaking the budget.

Enjoy watching my fab video discussing ideas to decorate your own metal cabinet!

Metal cabinets are versatile and can be used for many applications beyond the office.

Traditionally a metal cabinet is thought of the standard filing or storage furnishing found in the office. These sturdy work horses in the furniture world can be wonderful repurposed for decor in other rooms. Decorate a metal cabinet and it will turn into a beautiful piece of furniture to be used in the bedroom, kitchen, dining room or living room.

little house in the big D
little house in the big D
  • Use a two draw high metal file cabinet as a night table, end table or as a base for a dining room table top.
  • A tall metal file cabinet can be used as a dresser in the bedroom with drawers that are wonderfully deep to fit all of the clothes.
  • Turn a metal storage cabinet into an armoire for the bedroom or kitchen.
  • Create a kitchen island by repurposing a metal cabinet.


The challenge of repurposing a metal cabinet for a more decorative furnishing is how to go about dressing it up for the decor.

  • Paint is the simplest solution. Use a primer so that the paint adheres to the metal, then paint using a high gloss enamel in a color to complement the decor.

  • Take paint one step further with a faux technique turning the metal into the look of wood or marble.
  • Use stencils to add a special touch to the metal furnishing.
  • Vinyl decals used for wall decor can also be the perfect way to transform a metal cabinet into beautiful decor.
  • Camouflage the cabinet with a collage of favorite pages from books, magazines or music pages using the decoupage method with glue and a top varnish.

  • Cover the cabinet with wallpaper to turn it into a work of art. Finish it with a coat of polyurethane for wear ability.

  • Use a wallpaper or fabric to cover the draws or doors and finish off the balance with a coat of paint.

  • Duct tape is not just for repair jobs anymore. This wonderful tape comes in an array of colors and designs that can be used to transform and decorate furnishings that are destined for the storage room. Cover a metal cabinet with a snake skin duct tape for a designer piece of furnishing. Color block with a number of bright color stripes to use a metal cabinet as a dresser in the kids room or play room.

No matter how large of an abode one resides in, there is always a need for furnishings to store belongings. Items that you find or may already own can be magically turned into brand new decor that will work for you and look beautiful.

Decorating is about using imagination and letting your creative side shine. Never be afraid to dance!

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