Beanbag furniture decorating fun for the abode

Beanbag chairs bring back thoughts of the groovy seventies when psychedelic colors, and peace, love and rock-n-roll were the fashions of the day. Beanbag furniture has returned and evolved into modern pieces of all sizes that can be applied to create a fun decor.

Watch my video to see great ideas for decorating with beanbag chairs

Beanbag furnishings have grown up with the times and are acceptable furnishings in more than just a playroom. 

  • Place an oversized beanbag in an interesting fabric or fake fur dressed up with pillows in a sunny corner of a family room for reading.
  • Make a beanbag grouping the centerpiece in a sunroom.
  • Have a grouping of different colored beanbags bordering a wall and ready to pull out for extra seating.
  • There is beanbag furniture made to mimic traditional chairs and sofas giving some comfortable seating to blend in nicely with existing furnishings.
  • Grab an updated version of the beanbag with a structural surrounding to hold the soft beanbag inside adding a touch of formality to the rooms decor and blending with more traditional furnishing.
  • Match a clean contemporary room with an oversized beanbag chaise to relax in.
  • Grab a cube beanbag to sit upon or to use as an ottoman.
  • Add a cozy loveseat sized beanbag large enough for two to cuddle and watch a movie.
  • Instead of two chairs with a table, use a couple of beanbag chairs flanking a small table for a conversation area in a room.
  • The most versatile beanbag chair is the one that converts magically into a bed for company, perfect for the dorm room or kid’s room.

The beanbag chair has grown up with the times, now fashioned to blend within a sophisticated decor.

Beanbag furnishings are now made using fashionable upholstery fabrics and leathers to add a bit of whimsy to an otherwise more formal room decor. Let the stiff furnishings make way for some relaxed and fun decor to enjoy your surroundings in.

The decor should be comfortable as well as fun. Never be afraid to dance!

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