Chandelier creativity to brighten up the abode’s decor

Lighting can change the entire look and feeling of a home. Bad lighting can make a newly furnished abode appear as if a jail cell. With the right lighting the decor will sparkle like a freshly cleaned diamond. Lighting fixtures can be costly so consider using your imagination when wishing to add a new chandelier to brighten the abode.

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Chandelier decor can be beautiful as well as a work of imagination.

Instead of spending the money purchasing a new traditional light fixture that can be costly and ordinary, be creative. Simple changes to existing fixtures or creating new chandeliers using imagination and found items will not only give the abode new lighting but also a beautiful piece of decor that will shine upon the room. If you do not have an existing fixture, you can find them at a garage sales or thrift shops.

  • The easiest idea to transform old light fixtures into new is simply adding or changing shades on existing fixtures.
  • Japanese decorative paper parasols can transform existing lighting very easily; attach the parasol upside down to the old ceiling light fixture with two plastic cable ties. You see the pretty paper parasol with the light shining through from below. Everything else is hidden.

  • Old chandeliers or sconces can be completely transformed with new paint. Remove any crystals and bulbs and paint the fixture with high gloss paint in black, white, or any fun color. Put the chandelier back together and hang.chandelierswithshades
  • Add personal touches to a newly painted chandelier, or replace lost crystals on an existing chandelier with items like shells, little toys, beads, or buttons. Christmas tree ornaments hangers work well to hang these trimmings.
  • Instead of painting an old chandelier wrap a worn chandelier with glue and rope for a unique look. Swap crystals with shells and beads.

Create a chandelier to dress the decor as if a glowing mobile.

Think of this project as a mobile with a light in the middle. Begin with a base for the fixture.

  • Use a base recycled from any old chandelier that has been tossed out or purchased from a yard sale or thrift shop.
  • Make your own base with electrical wire (as per the length of the lamp required), bulb holders, and bulbs.

Decorate around your fixtures plain base with items that you may already have collected or can easily find to create an unusual and beautiful light fixture.

  • Ribbon
  • Jewelry
  • Beads
  • Drinking glasses

  • CD cases
  • Clear pens
  • Globes

  • Paper cutouts
  • Silverware

  • Chopsticks
  • Shellsoyster shell,
  • Wine or beer bottles

  • Happy meal toys can be fun for a fixture in a child’s room.


Use wire, hot glue, and imagination to fashion the items around the light base to make glowing decor. Have fun inventing your own unique lighting designs to add to the lovely decor. Make it a treasure hunt for the family to scour yard sales and thrift shops for finds to repurpose into fun light fixtures. Not only will these works of art bring a beautiful glow to the décor, they also give back to the environment by repurposing discarded items.


The abode’s decor will glisten under the glow of a chandelier. Use the new spotlight to shine and never be afraid to dance!

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