Artistic beauty to link the decor in the abode’s bathrooms

Dream bathrooms can be the size of a normal size bedroom. Most do not have the luxury of personally having the bathroom filled with the luxuries of plush soaking tubs, steam showers and room to relax enough that they can spend the day living in with. Adding a small touch of artistic luxury to your own throne room will give one a small thrill to show off and enjoy in the abode.

A special touch to the bathroom adds beauty to the decor.     

Sinks are made in all sizes, shapes and types now to add a personal touch to the bathroom’s decor. Faucets and drains adorn sinks like jewelry that adorn the body.

Linkasink has created beautiful works of art with a uniquely designed drain collection worthy of being shown in a gallery or museum. D606-pp

Whether an under mount sink or  a beautiful vessel sink resting upon a granite counter all sinks require a drain.

“Linkasink’s collection of over 65 decorative drain covers are the most unique and exciting accessory in the kitchen and bath marketplace. The drains are completely functional, fitting any standard drain opening, and come complete with a compression drain mechanism for easy installation.”D110-a2

  • Linkasink’s metal drains are hand-cast and feature designs to go well with any lavatory decor. They are available in a variety of metal finishes including pewter, nickel, bronze and gold.metal
  • “Linkasink’s shell drains are crafted from real seashells and bring a subtle touch of the ocean to your bath or powder room sink. Many of the shell drains feature a metal component which is available in several finishes.” They are designed to fit a 1.5″ drain.”shells
  • “Made by the artisans that create Linkasink’s cloisonné sinks, these beautiful lavatory drain covers are inspired by nature. The decorative metal beading around the edge of the drains is available in several finishes.”cloisonne
  • “An assortment of stones, including marble, granite and onyx, are carved to create whimsical shapes and figures for these lavatory drain covers.”stone
  • An array of semi-precious stones, including turquoise, pearls, and onyx, are fastened to a decorative metal base to create the perfect finishing touch for any bathroom or kitchen sink.semi-precious stone
  • Linkasink delivers glamour and style with drain covers embellished with Swarovski crystals, vintage jewelry, seashells and pearls. Several jeweled drains feature decorative metal components which are available in dark bronze, polished nickel, pewter, satin nickel, and weathered copper finishes.jeweled

Imagine impressing guests as they freshen up with the beauty of gem stones sparkling in the sink or a turtle smiling up at them. Add a bit of the seashore with a shell as the centerpiece decorating the sink basin.D211-a1 D309-pp D122-pp

Whether a grand mansion or a cozy abode all homes deserve a bit of whimsy added to the decor. Enjoy what you have and relax among the happy home. Never be afraid to dance.

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