2013 trends to add new life to the abode’s decor

People look at the style makers to follow the trends in their own home fashions and styles. Springtime is the perfect time to refresh ourselves and surroundings with some newness that will add beauty to the surroundings.

As in fashion there are new trends for the decor with every year.

Whether fashion or decor, trends can go as fast as they come. Simply by adding, removing or updating accessories can instantly update a look to the latest style.

2013 has brought new colors, patterns and fun for the decor.

The colors in 2013 are a statement from softness and the earth to regal and elegance.

  • Blues in Navy and Royal are major players in 2013’s color scheme.

    house beautiful
    house beautiful
  • Purple speaks of the royal heir to be born this year.

  • Emerald Green matches royal elegance with the earth.

  • Orange and Yellow brings out the natural glow of the sun.

Think accessorizing; add some new pillows, window treatments and bedding in the newest colors.

Animals are in but not in the prints that we have become accustomed to.

Instead of the prints of animal markings this year brings art, murals and wall coverings of the animals themselves. Elephants are not just big in stature but huge as a design statement in 2013.zebra decal

  • Pillows with a picture of an elephant look lovely accessorizing the sofa.
  • Dress a wall with a grouping of photos and art depicting animals.
  • Decorate an accent wall with a mural of elephants playing in their natural habitat.

Flowers as a huge statement.

No more cute little flowers dotting the walls and furnishings. The bigger the better.

  • Huge graphic prints of colorful flowers look beautiful draping a bed.
  • Murals in with a floral scheme add life to a room.

Stripes add new heights to a room.

Whether colorful thin stripes or wavy stripes, stripes of vines or interwoven stripes, vertical stripes running up the walls will lift up a room.

  • Use a striped fabric to drape the windows by running the fabric from the ceiling to the floor to create the appearance of a high ceiling and giving the room elegance.

Retro furnishings are renewed for 2013.

Green is not only an in color but it is also a way of life. Living “green” is being eco-friendly. Using items that can be repurposed for the decor is the trend now. Reinventing the old into new furnishings add a romantic retro touch to the decor with the added benefit of helping save the environment.

  • Old furnishings can be reupholstered with a contemporary fabric.
  • A old wood chest of drawers can be refreshed with a bright coat of gloss paint.IMG_0870
  • Lacquered and acrylic glass furnishings are new again.

Add a touch of old Hollywood glamour by scouring the resale shops for old goodies to be revived for new decor.

Hotel room decor is the longed for look for 2013.

There is nothing more thrilling than stepping into a new five star hotel room with the plush bed made up and the clean look of the clutter free room with the sleek furnishings. Less is more and elegant.

  •  Add some new plush bedding to your decor with a long roll pillow and runner.
  • Keep the dressers low and the tops clean of mess.

Sculptural accents make a huge statement this year.

An entire room can become a work of art with new sculptural decor touches.

  • A wall dressed up with three-dimensional tiles adds a clean but rustic look to a room.3DWallpanels-Wallart-Vaults-01
  • An asymmetrical lamp can double as a piece of art.
  • Dress the wall will functional sculpture that will double as a wine rack.

Geometric prints are speaking out loud and proud.

Large prints have made a return. Strip away the cutesy small patterns and dress the walls and furniture with large dimensional geometric designs.

  • A large print on a wall will fashion an instant accent wall.
  • Decorate the room with large prints to create the appearance of a larger room.

No need to totally redo the décor to be trendy. Just a few touches can update the abode’s appearance into a new chic look. Take a throw in a trendy color or pattern to drape over a chair. Window treatments and lamp shades can easily be traded out for a new expression in a trendy color or pattern.

Add some new trendy color to your wardrobe to welcome visitors into your beautiful abode and never be afraid to dance!

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