Beautiful sustainable affordable furnishings equals MIO for the abode

One wants their abode to speak out in its fashion statement about the people who reside in its inner sanctum. Beautiful furnishings should also be special and unique so when a visitor enters they will instantly feel the wow factor that the decor invokes.

MIO provides beautiful and unique decor furnishings that are affordable as well as environmentally friendly.

MIO is not just a shop it is a culture of furnishing beauty coupled with sustainability and affordability.


PaperForms are a new concept in surface coverings that gives you the ability to customize and re-define space on a budget.”

  • Dress the walls with unique dimension that will stand out and speak for themselves. The easy to install wall tiles can be adhered to the walls with wallpaper paste or easily with double sided tape to allow for changing around or create an option for wall covering in a rental or dorm situation. Paint the tiles to match any decor. The lightweight, recycled paper modules come in packs of 12 one square foot tiles.ripple_mv_lrg_nat_situ_1


Utilitarian drop ceilings can be boring and seem to just get uglier with age. Foldscapes make you “look up and smile” as you spy the new attractive drop ceiling.

  • “FoldScapes is a new concept in three-dimensional drop ceiling tiles. Made from recycled cardboard and designed to ship flat and be folded at the installation site, the lightweight two by two foot modules are a cost effective and dramatic solution for spaces that require suspended ceilings. FoldScape comes in 24 tile packs and can be used to cover damaged ceilings, finish basements or create dramatic architecture in residential and commercial settings. FoldScape is available in four invertible patterns: Peak, Bloom, Crystal and our flat tile Square. Bloom tiles create soft edge patterns that swoop gently throughout a space.”


  • “Smart and efficient lighting designed for all your senses. From chandeliers you bend and configure, to mood lighting you will want to touch, lighting that inspires and delights.


MIO puts their own designer touch on furniture for the abode’s decor. “Unique and honest materials, efficient design and a fresh approach” turn furniture into “fun, functional and timeless.”

  • Cabinets naked or dressed up; MIO makes cabinets in different sizes to fit any decor.Make your living room, bedroom or office come to life by dressing up your cabinet with original artwork. The Art Edition Naked Cabinets are a flexible and graphic storage solution for home or office. Artist Edition Naked Cabinets are proudly made in the United States from sturdy, FSC certified, maple plywood and finished with a low VOC factory coating. The cabinets ship flat and are designed to last.naked-double-swirls
  • Rubber Stool; “With a seat made from 100% post-consumer recycled tires and a frame made out of steel, the Rubber Stool re-contextualizes recycled rubber as an ergonomic and pliable material for furniture.” This is the perfect versatile seating that can be used for both indoor and outdoor seating and can be adjusted especially to a users proportions.rubberstool_mv_lrg_red_02_1


Accessorize your life with “Acces-stories” of beautiful art, tack frames, baskets, storage boxes, office storage and unique room dividers. In addition dress your being up with a fun hat or jacket.

  • Nomad System;Nomad is a modular architectural system that can be assembled into freestanding, temporary partitions without hardware, tools or damage to existing structures. Made from recycled, double-wall cardboard they are available in ten colors in packs of 24 modules (sheets). Each box contains 14 square foot sections of wall when assembled in the closed configuration or 20 square feet in the open configuration. The modules can be arranged into open or closed configurations creating private environments or light and airy room dividers. The Nomad System can also be configured to create doorways and corners, easily adjusting to any indoor space, including lofts, basements or even office spaces.nomad_mv_lrg_multiple_partition_1
  • Naked Art; “Make your living room, bedroom or office come to life by dressing up your walls with the work of our amazing artist collaborators, or show the world your secret talents (or as we call them here your design super powers) by uploading your own creations. Naked Art Panels are proudly made in the United States from FSC certified, low VOC maple plywood, a sure way to make your walls happier and our planet healthier. Available in four sizes: Small (6 inches x 6 inches), Medium (12 inches x 12 inches), Large (18 inches x 24 inches) and Extra-Large (24 inches x 30 inches), Naked Art can be easily mounted on any wall using a hidden mounting groove.”smallgrouponwall_1

In 2001 brothers Isaac and Jaime Salm started MIO in based on the principle of “Green Desire”.

MIO’s mission is “to bridge the gap between business and sustainability — to transform sustainable products into desirable products”.

“Green Desire occurs when consumers actually crave products that are sustainable and responsible. This natural demand could ultimately drive the cultural shift necessary to align consumer desires with what is good for the environment.”

MIO bases their beautiful designs on the belief that affordability and sustainability should “go hand-in-hand”.

“Tools for greener living have to be attainable to as many people as possible. Each person has a footprint; the more footprints MIO can reduce, the lesser their environmental impact. Manufacturing products locally whenever possible engages MIO with the local economy and keeps their prices reasonable, thanks to innovative design and reduced energy, transportation, warehousing, and packaging costs.”

The world is learning more about combining beauty in furnishings and fashion with the ability to sustain a vital environment. Looking for affordable ways to achieve a fashionable and beautiful decor while being eco-conscience is essential for a sustainable future. MIO has achieved designs that married together the necessities needed to achieve the goals of achieving a beautiful decor using eco-friendly materials to create affordable furnishings.

With creativity and thinking outside of the box one can achieve beyond greatness in their goals. Never be afraid to dance!

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