Decorative painting ideas to renew the armoire in the abode

There are some great painting techniques one can do to achieve a fresh look on a budget. Everything can be painted. Walls, cabinetry, furniture, lampshades, accessories, and even fabric can be changed into a new appearance with paint.

With a little patience one can have fun being creative painting and reinventing an old armoire.

  • One piece can be painted a simple color to add a fresh look.
  • The armoire can be a canvas for a painted scene.
  • Use numerous colors for a fun look.
  • Paint a faux finish for an entire new feel.

Painting in one color can add new simple vibrancy to a piece.

Use paint to lighten up a dark wood and then change out the cabinet hardware to finish the new look. You can also use a coat of paint for damaged furniture. Make sure that the wood is sanded smooth and that chips and imperfections are filled in. Paint with a primer and then a high gloss enamel for a solid finish.

Bring out the artist in you by using an armoire door as a canvas to paint a mural.

Painting murals of scenes or flowers will make an armoire pop. There are different techniques to mural painting. You may use your own artwork or bring in a floral print to match upholstery. Use either the grid method or projector method to create an outline of the mural that you are going to paint.

Using a variety of colors will add excitement to an old piece of furniture.

Use a couple of colors to define trim and moldings or create an ombre effect with a few colors fading from dark to light. Steal from the streets and paint the armoire like a graffiti work of art. Paint a color blocked, geometric pattern with a few complementing colors. By using imagination the old armoire will be a work of new colors blossoming.

Faux painting can also be great to hide imperfect surfaces.

Faux Finishes are about blending colors and creating special effects, such as marble. Painting with faux finishes creates a multi-dimensional look to surfaces. There are many options when faux painting:

  • Faux marble
  • Venetian plastering
  • Paints & glazes
  • Color washing
  • Ageing & distressing
  • Wood graining
  • Ragging & stippling
  • Dragging
  • Sponge painting
  • Spatter painting
  • Crackling

Easy to follow instructions for Faux and Decorative Painting Techniques can be found at Benjamin Moore online and Faux Painting Techniques.

Mistakes are part of the adventure. Trial and error is part of the creation. Surfaces can always be sanded and primed to make a new canvas to be freshly painted. Do not be afraid to express yourself with color. Never be afraid to dance!

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