Add shine to the abode’s decor

Glitz and glam are nice and fun but work best when understated. It is fine to add a bit of shine to the decor but be careful not to cross the line into tacky. It is important to dress to impress but to do it with an a style that does not shout at people when they enter the room.

Chrome and mirrors can make for beautiful furnishings.

Shiny surfaces can look attractive in a room opening up the space. When there are too many glittering pieces then it will just create a funhouse, room full of mirrors effect.

  • One accent piece of furniture crafted from chrome or mirror can create a beautiful conversation piece in the room.

    Julian Chichester
    Julian Chichester

The bedrooms focus is the bed; make it shine on center stage.

A bed frame crafted from chrome or mirror can be interesting and add sparkle in the bedroom. The rest of the room must be then decorated with pieces that will complement the bed instead of fight with it.

  • Paint an accent wall behind the beds headboard in a deep brown or grey to act as a backdrop for the prized piece of furniture. Keep the other walls neutral.
  • Bedding should not be bold. Keep the bed covers in soft colors and textured fabrics to compliment the shiny frame and promote peaceful sleep. Moss green, taupe and grey work well as well as different shades of whites.
  • Use cabinetry with wood finishes and bring in a shot of chrome with the draw pulls to compliment the bed.

    Beverly Wilshire
    Beverly Wilshire
  • Be careful with adding mirrors to the room. Save the full length mirror for the closet or bathroom or else the bed and mirror will be at war and sleeping will not come easily.
  • Add a little color with accessories but stay away from patterns. Remember shiny surfaces reflect; do you really want to have patterns bouncing back at you in the bed frame. Pillows, rugs and throws can be fun in jewel tones of blue, purple, red and orange.

If you love the idea of a shiny bed frame but is not within the budget then create your own.

Any bed can be turned into a silver haven worthy of sending a princess to dreamland with sandpaper, primer and metallic paint.

  • Paint your way to a shiny bed. Purchase a wood frame bed. Sand the wood, prime the frame and then paint the bed with a couple of coats of a shiny silver metallic paint. Finish off your lovely bed with a couple of coats of high gloss polyurethane to achieve a hard and durable finish.
  • Upholster a headboard in a silver metallic fabric or vinyl.ESF-623-Lorena-Bed_1, furniturediscovery
  • Simply purchase satin bedding in silver. Coordinate with accessories sewn from fabric with metallic fibers.furniturecart

Enjoy cuddling into your surroundings and drifting into a peaceful sleep. Let your decor shine and never be afraid to dance!

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