Decorating the bedroom for a cozy abode

Downsizing in today’s economy has become the norm for most. You will be paying larger bucks and getting smaller spaces. Do not despair when moving from a larger bedroom into a cozy room to sleep peacefully in.

There is only one bedroom decor standard that needs to be followed.

No matter how you decide to decorate the bedroom one basic should be applied; the head of the bed should face the door entering the room.

A smaller space means more room for creative decorating when placing a bed.

Place a bed against a wall. If you do not have a partner or do not mind climbing over someone, a double bed or even a queen size, next to the wall can open of floor space for additional uses and room.retrorenovation

Center the headboard against the window. A low headboard or open metal headboard will still allow for the sunlight to come in if the bed’s head is positioned against the window. Keep in mind that if there is heat below the window you will need to allow for a few inches between the heater and the bed to allow for the heat to safely escape.IMG_3994

No room for a bedside table or lamp do not fret. Place a small shelf on the wall behind the bed. Hang small light pendants from the ceiling, or use wall mounted sconces, on both sides of the bed for bedtime reading.

Cut out the fancy bed to save on room. A headboard and footboard can take away extra precious needed floor space. Instead of buying an expensive bed, use a basic metal frame with a box spring and mattress. Instead of a headboard protruding into the room hang a soft quilt on the wall at the head of the bed to take the place of a the lavish headboard.

Think outside of the box with other bed options.

  • Loft beds can be a great option for adults as well as kids. They create a second story to use as your “bedroom”, opening up an area for storage, desk or seating underneath. Be prepared to crawl to the foot of the bed to climb up and down a ladder.
  • Keep the room free and clear during the day for multiple use as a gym, office, or sitting area by using a Murphy bed. Keep in mind that nap time might mean clearing the room and pulling the bed out during the day. Pull down beds do have the advantage of not needing to be made, just simply store the bed back into its upright space hidden away for a quick clean up.
  • Futons create a sofa with a comfortable bed, without that uncomfortable bar found across traditional sofa beds. These can be reasonably purchased. IKEA has some good values.

A cozy bedroom can be a comfy retreat. Large is not always better. On a cold winter’s night a small room with fluffy comforters can provide a sense of comfort that a large room could not provide. Treat yourself with beautiful sheets and bedding.

Snuggle in for a great night’s sleep and peaceful dreams and never be afraid to dance!

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