Nor’easter sucker punch after Sandy

Residing in the lovely Victorian town of Sea Cliff, on the north shore of western Long Island in New York, has always been a challenge when the wind blows or we get a blanket of snow. We are used to having the power go out when a storm hits. It is fun for a few hours as folks gather in the center of the one-square mile village to share stories. At the most we have coped with a couple of days without modern electricity until full power is restored.

In all my years of living in Sea Cliff and on Long Island, I have never encountered such turmoil from a storm, or should I now say storms. This has certainly been a test of my sanity since Sandy hit. Power came back on to fanfare in my household last Friday, earlier than the seven to ten days predicted by LIPA. Just in time for the coldest nights of the season the heat was back on.

Other than worried about running out of gas it seemed as if my life was normalizing a bit. The kids were back in school and mass transit was getting back on track. That was until the second storm, a nor’easter, swept across the area. The so-called experts claimed that we would only see a slight dusting of snow, but after snowing all day we were in a mess of wet snow and slush. The lights flickered around 6 p.m. Were we to lose power again? Come on, they just got it working again. After falling into a sense of false security for a few hours with no more flickering, wham, two transformers blew up plunging us and half of Sea Cliff into darkness and coldness again at 10:45 p.m.

The Long Island Power Authority is now placing us at the end of the list again saying that it could be seven to ten days until power is restored. So here I am searching for warmth, electricity and internet once again like a vagabond. Only now I cannot go far for worry that I will run out of gas. I have found comfort at my friend’s quiet restaurant before the dinner crowd comes in. If only I could set up a bed and sleep here.

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