Beautiful window decor for a glamorous and private abode

Windows are the eyes of the abode. They let us see beyond our homes and into the world outside. Windows, though, also allow for those outside to view the private world inside the abode. Decor for the windows should be functional to allow for private moments to stay private.

Window treatments can be elaborate or simple depending on preferences.

Elaborate window furnishings can add beauty and privacy to a room but may be overpowering for a small room. Weighty drapery with fancy valances and tassels work better in larger and more formal or traditional spaces. Heavily dressed windows can add warmth when the weather is cold.

Simple windows treatments work nicely to open up spaces and focus the eye more on to the center of the room’s furnishings. Plantation and venetian blinds look beautiful in an understated way and come in many colors and finishes. A window dressed with shutters are perfect for a small cottage room letting the sun shine in to create a room with a larger feel.

Let the sun shine in while also adding beauty to the window and protecting from outside prying eyes peaking through into the abode.

Whether heavy or simple treatments, when the window coverings are open, privacy can be intruded upon. When simple treatments, like blinds or shades, are open the windows can be overly bare.

“Wallpaper for Windows” has come to the rescue with decorative window films that lets the sun in as well as creating a beautiful window.

Decorate the windows with “Wallpaper for Windows“,an adhesive free patented vinyl cling film that attaches easily and quickly to the windows using static cling with absolute no glue or mess. “Turn an unwanted view or plain window into an elegant focal point that enhances your home or office decor.”

  • Static-cling decorative film can be used on any smooth, non-porous surface.
  • DIY product, installs in minutes, looks great for years!
  •  Easy to clean, removable, and reusable.
  • Improves privacy and security while allowing natural light to enter.
  • Filters 95% of UV rays to protect carpets and furnishings from fading.
  •  Thick 8-mil vinyl window film insulates glass to reduce heat and save energy.
  • Diffuses glare and softens harsh sun.
  • Obscure a bad view with Wallpaper For Windows
  • Window film is unaffected by moisture and steam so it’s great for decorating or adding privacy to bathroom windows, showers and mirrors.
  • 3-year limited warranty.
  • Made in the USA.

Beautiful “Wallpaper for Windows” come in many traditional and contemporary styles to choose from.

Check out the extensive line of decorative etched glass, privacy window film, stained glass window films, frosted glass films, and leaded glass door and window film designs.

  • Add a see-thru decorative touch to plain windows.
  • Decorate with a film that provides privacy with a bit of see-thru design.
  • Opaque films provide complete privacy while allowing for the light to come into the room.  The “privacy window film provides privacy day and night, lights on or lights off”.

The window wallpaper allows for creativity. 

Use the “Wallpaper for Windows” film to dress a cabinet’s glass door in order to hide storage, or add a decorative border to a mirror. Swap the window wallpaper decor to redecorate or to change for the different seasons.

One door, three looks!

I took a storm door that opens onto a street with absolutely no privacy and used “Wallpaper for Windows” in three different patterns to achieve three distinct looks as well as the much needed privacy.

The Avalon pattern is a geometric pattern perfect for a contemporary or transitional decor. The effect is a soft frosted and clear glass look.

Mandalay adorns the window with a beautiful stained glass appearance in red and green colors and a bit of clear glass poking through allowing for a veiled privacy.

A simple floral etched glass, Eden allows for the light to poke through between the pattern of frosted flowers.

Using “Wallpaper for Windows” is a pleasure. Attach the film using a little soap with water and a squeegee. No longer are people peering into the home through a clear window in the door or a sidelight. Instead they are looking at a beautiful “etched” or “stained” glass, or an interesting contemporary geometric design. Easily remove the film in seconds to store it away or to use it for another application.

Open your windows to the world and never be afraid to dance!

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