Sit on your favorite celebrity’s face in your own abode

Many dreams will be fulfilled  as fans who have a celebrity crush can now sit on  their heartthrob’s face in their own abode. For the price of a chair anyone can now have a meal or watch TV as they actually sit on the face of the celebrity of their dreams.

Pair the star power of Ryan Gosling with a top celebrity photographer and a new chair of art is born.

Jennifer Graylock is known in the celebrity and fashion world as one of the top photographers to be sought out. According to her website “The Jennifer Graylock photographic collection is one of the largest topical photo archives of celebrities and fashion in existence.” With 20 years of experience, Jennifer has the vision to depict each celebrity’s story with each shot as she snaps her camera. Her wonderful photographs allows the viewer onto the red carpet as they view Jennifer’s images.

Jennifer Graylock has now married her photographs with a chair to offer a new product that work as a piece of art as well as a functional piece of furniture. Face Chairs was born from the lens of Ms. Graylock’s camera.

Invite a dream celebrity into your abode along with a lovely addition to the decor’s furnishings.

The “Sit on My Face” series of limited edition art chairs feature head shots of top celebrities on a soft seat cushions. Rest your body along with:

Custom orders are welcome at Face Chair.

If you have a favorite photograph that you want to exhibit as a beautiful chair simply call Face Chairs to place a custom order.

Match your new chair with a piece of beautiful limited edition art photography to decorate a wall of the abode.

Jennifer Graylock is more than just a red carpet photographer. Her photos depicting sunsets, objects and still life are alive with wondrous beauty. Breathtaking signed limited edition abstract photographic images will bring life to the abode with artful black and white images and beautiful photos in glorious color.

Find unique pieces to make the decor your own and never be afraid to dance!

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