Decorating the abode to prepare for the fresh fall season

As we prepare for the chill of autumn to arrive we bid farewell to the warm weather and longer days. It is time to say goodbye to sunning at the beach and hello to apple and pumpkin picking. Time to plan our abodes for the indoor living during the colder months.

Bring the colors of fall indoors to complement the décor.

Nature gives us beautiful colors every time of year; the colors of fall are rich and deep.

  • the falling leaves
  • the evergreens
  • pumpkins and squash
  • apples

Colors such as, oranges, rusts, and gold with browns, reds, and burnt umber represent the wonderful colors of autumn.

Add some deep green and even purple (think of the sunset) for accent.

Fall is an informal time. As we get ready to hunker down for the cold months and to celebrate Halloween and Thanksgiving the décor should reflect this.

If the walls are ready for paint consider painting a gold color

  • This is a good color that is neutral and can be accessorized for any season.

Swap accessories for the season.

  • Add a shot of autumn to the décor with pillows, comfy throws and area rugs in the rich fall colors.
  • This is a good time to change the bedding. Use a nice fluffy comforter in rich rust with a soft knitted throw and pillows in accent colors.
  • Bring the colors of fall into the bathroom with new towels.
  • Change the artwork for the season; add paintings with the fall colors to make a statement.
  • Add heavier drapery to the windows to cozy up for the cooler weather.

Change the look of your sofa and chairs with custom slipcovers.

  • Have new ones made for the new season; make covers in a lovely chenille that is soft and comfortable. If you have an informal room covers in denim can be fun and very wearable.

Add new centerpieces and accessories to represent the season.

  • Arrangements can be made with dried flowers, gourds, and squash in a variety of colors. You want to make sure that the colors you pick complement the colors of your room.
  • The warmth of a fireplace can easily be replicated using candles. Pretty candles add a warm flame to the décor.
  • Fill a pretty basket or large bowl with clean, bright, red apples for all to enjoy. It provides beauty and an easily accessible healthy snack. As folks munch you can mix in some color with golden and green apples too.

Scents add beauty to a room as well.

Apples, cinnamon, pumpkin, the scents of baking cookies and pie with a touch of caramel and molasses are all scents that bring comfort to us as the leaves change.

  • Candles are great for adding any of these scents to the décor. Yankee Candles are known to come in these great scents and last a long time. Buy cinnamon brooms. Place them in a corner and they will keep a nice cinnamon scent in the abode for weeks.
  • Wood Wick or Yankee Reed diffusers and oils are great for keeping an aroma in the home that is constant.
  • Melting pots are wonderful. They come in a variety of designs, are small and pretty and reasonably priced. Plug them in; add the wax fragrance that can be purchased at candle and craft stores for as little as a dollar. As the wax melts a yummy scent fills the abode.

Welcome people at the front door with a wreath made of autumn finds such as simple branches with pine cones, berries, and corn husks. Add some dried leaves and small squash for dimension.

Enjoy dressing up the abode for the new season. Find some do it yourself projects to make your own fall décor. Enjoy your comfy abode. Listen to the music of the season and never be afraid to dance!

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