Strive for top grades with great abode study spaces

As the children grow up every new school year brings many new challenges. Homework can take many quiet hours of research and study. It is important to create the appropriate study space to make an environment that will nurture good study habits.

Desk space is important to have to be used for homework time

Depending on room and home size a desk for each student is as important at home as it is in school.

If a bedroom is shared and there is extra room then there are a number of options:

  • Place a long desktop along a wall that will fit a couple of chairs separated by drawers.
  • Desks can be placed facing each other as well.

Be creative in a small bedroom

  • A loft bed creates the perfect location for a study space underneath.
  • Use a desk to replace a night table for double duty.
  • Place a desk in place of a footboard.
  • Attach a flip down table to the wall; it can be kept tidy against a wall when not in use as a desk.

Desk space in the kitchen or family room can be allocated as homework central.

With a large family household, or for younger children, having a place for homework in the heart of the home creates a space for everyone to have computer time and where parents are available to assist with tutoring. Most older students now have personal laptops but it is important to know what the young ones are doing online.

  • Use a niche in the family center of the home to set up a computer workstation. A computer station can be worked into the kitchen cabinetry or a wall unit in the family room.
  • A desk or desk height console can be placed behind a sofa to be used as a workstation.

Desks are important but organization is key in achieving the best grades.


  • A bookshelf or individual shelving it is important to have a space to keep books and software neatly arranged. For a small room think upwards and run shelving around the perimeter of the room one foot down from the ceiling.


Storage boxes

  • Use attractive letter boxes and file boxes to keep on the shelves to organize papers, pens, and desk accessories.

Cover a wall with cork or paint with magnetic paint

  • Cork is perfect for tacking up notes, calendars, and fun art to keep the room lively.

  • With a wall painted using magnetic paint in a pretty color the wall becomes a decorative giant magnet board to use to post the periodic table or any other homework aids.

Post the greatest accomplishments to inspire like ‘A’ plus papers, poetry, or beautiful art work.

Hang framed posters

  • Large posters behind glass in frames adorning the wall will add beauty and personality to a room. The glass works great as note boards; use post-it notes to jot down your thoughts and stick them to the glass.

Beyond desk time is important to induce study as well

There are times that a comfy space is needed to plop down when enjoying a good book or reviewing for a test.

  • A bean bag or oversized floor pillows are wonderful places to relax on as the book takes one to exciting places.

  • Turn the bed into a sofa space as a respite spot to study with large pillows that allow for sitting up.

Do not forget about the importance of good lighting

  • Every work space should have its own private light that will not be glaring into someone else’s space. Whether sitting in a beanbag or at a desk bright lighting is very important to assist in holding the attention while completing homework or reading.

Make back to school a fun time by getting the kids involved with choosing the necessities required for the upcoming school year’s new tasks. Homework should be seen as an exciting time to explore outside of the classroom in order to enhance one’s world and life.

Pay it forward with learning and never be afraid to dance!

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