Free décor treasures for the abode

This is the prime time of year for yard and garage sales, basements and attics are being purged of years of unused and forgotten items.

Individuals, groups, and entire towns are hosting yard and garage sales with wonderful items to be found.

  • Many people have an area set aside of free offerings at their sales. If you sift through the piles you might find a hidden treasure that could be worth taking.

The hunt for the best treasures is after the yard sales are over and the sun is setting.

Not only are their wonderful items to be discovered but the price for the cool finds is FREE! Ask any sanitation worker, it is amazing what people just toss in the trash.

  • Brand new boxed gifts
  • Antique furnishings
  • Vintage items
  • Light fixtures
  • Dressers
  • Tables
  • Decorative accessories
  • Artwork
  • Furs

Take a drive around the neighborhood after a large sale day and see what you can discover. Don’t be afraid what anyone thinks when you spy a treasure and stop to check it out. Grab it and pack it into your vehicle before someone else gets it.

People often toss vintage items thinking they are garbage. These can actually be valuable.

Vintage finds can be repurposed into new décor or even sold on EBay. An entire business can be built by selling amazing free finds.

  • Turn a 1940’s piece of luggage into a table.
  • A vintage hamper and stool combo from the 1950’s can make a wonderful ottoman.
  • Vintage hats and pocketbooks can be used as wall art.
  • An old phone or camera can be turned into an art accessory.

Be wary of upholstered items and rugs; these items could be filled with mold and bedbugs. If you absolutely love a chair or sofa, be prepared to have it completely overhauled with new cushions and upholstery before you bring it into your living space.

Frame chairs are great discoveries. Simply replace the seat with new cushioning and fabric.

  • Fabric remnants are perfect for seat cushions and can be found at deep discounts.
  • Use fabric from an old coat or skirt you were going to get rid of.
  • Even sweaters can be used for seat cushions.

Lamps can be wonderful finds.

  • Make an old lamp new with a fresh shade.
  • Reinvent a lamp with a fun paint color.

Tables, chests, and dressers can be re-imagined.

  • Simply cover an old table with a beautiful cloth.
  • Turn a found chest into a new piece with some paint.
  • Pretty baskets can replace broken dresser drawers.
  • Old drawers can be attached to a wall with brackets and used as storage.

Cast out your line and reel in a great catch! Have fun turning your free finds into new beautiful décor. With the stories of how you adorned your abode, just think about how you will impress your guests.

Enjoy your adventures and new discoveries. Never be afraid to dance!

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