Wood fixtures warm up the abode with light

Designers are creating environmentally conscience furnishings by repurposing products and using elements from nature to prevent waste from ending up in landfills. Back to nature is an ongoing trend

Wood is biodegradable.

Organic materials, such as wood, celebrate the circle of life as they are born from the Earth and will decompose back into the natural elements becoming part of the Earth once again.

Designers and manufacturers are using wood in new applications such as in lighting fixtures.

These wonderful fixtures cast a light with the warmth of wood.

Weplight of Argentina crafts lighting fixtures from beautiful wood adding the warmth of nature to any décor.

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  • Marcelo Dabini and Nadia Corsaro Have been designing and manufacturing wooden lamps and chandeliers since 2001. They developed a flexible wood veneer that allows for unique designs that create fixtures with the warmth of soft wood sculpted into unique designs to shine upon a room.

Create your own wooden light fixture with At Labo.

  • Uniquely designed triangular thin bendable pieces are crafted from natural wood veneers that come in a kit for anyone to fit together like a puzzle to create beautiful fixtures to adorn the abode.
  • Each set is sold with 20 puzzle type pieces that can be fitted together to create a beautiful pendant lamp. Craft two smaller lamps of 10 pieces each or one larger chandelier using 20 pieces. Instructions are included with each kit but you can have fun creating your own unique design.

IKEA has beautiful lamps called BOJA with handmade bamboo shades that cast a soft glowing light

  • Hang the BOJA pendant lamp as the centerpiece over the dining table.
  • Use the BOJA table lamp as a soft accent light next to the bed or sofa.
  • The BOJA floor lamp is perfect to bring attention to a corner.

Bring the warmth of nature into the abode with interesting lighting. Give back to the Earth by being more environmentally aware. IKEA helps save Earth’s resources by not providing bags at check-out. Take a cue from IKEA and bring your own bags when shopping to help save the landfills from more garbage.

Celebrate life and never be afraid to dance!

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