Artfully hanging art in the abode: Command the best

Artwork is what makes the abode your own. It is an expression of those who live there. Hanging artwork can be tricky. You need to make sure that it is hung level and straight and at the correct height. It is necessary to command perfection when hanging the artwork.

Traditional picture hooks place holes in a wall so it is necessary not to make mistakes when using these. If you live in a rental or dorm room you might not be allowed to mar a wall poking holes with traditional picture hooks.

Command Brand by 3M has the perfect picture and frame hangers to hang art, hole free, on the walls.

Now you can hang your artwork anywhere without worry of putting holes in the wall. Change artwork around often.

Picture Hanging Strips come in a variety of sizes to hang an array of artwork.

  • “Embellish your walls with framed prints, photos, plaques and crafts using picture hanging strips. Available in white and black with each set holding 1 to 4 pounds, depending on size.”

Picture Clips and Poster Strips are perfect for hanging lightweight items.

  • “Mount posters or secure lightweight items firmly to a variety of surfaces using poster strips. Hang photos, coupons, reminder notes and schedules on walls with picture clips.”

Sticky Nail Metal Hangers hold traditional frames that require more traditional types of picture hook hanging methods.

  • “Available in two designs, sticky nail metal hangers hold picture frames securely to walls and fit saw tooth, key hole, eyelet or wire frames. Sawtooth sticky nail metal hangers hold up to 5 pounds, and wire-backed sticky nail metal hangers hold up to 8 pounds.”

Keep the artwork in place.

  • “Frame stabilizer strips help keep pictures straight, eliminating crooked pictures on the wall.”

3M has given me the opportunity to personally test their wonderful Command products.

Command is very easy to apply and remove.

  • Clean the surface first with rubbing alcohol and let dry.
  • Remove blue or red label liner on tape to attach to hook so that tab in easily accessible on bottom for future removal.
  • Then remove the black labeled liner on adhesive and attach to surface.
  • Press firmly for 30 seconds and wait 1 hour before use.

    damage free art hanging on top of tiled backsplash

For easy removal simply hold the hook while you pull the tab straight down. Keep pulling until hook is released from the wall (Be prepared to pull the strip as much as 6 inches in order for it to liberate the hook).

3M has come to the rescue with their wonderful Command Brand products

There is truly a Command product for any application and need.

  • Hooks
  • Organizational Products
  • Cord Organization
  • Bath products
  • Picture and Frame Hangers

I am pleased to say that these products are a great invention and lend to creative organizing and decorating. All of the products are easily removable and reusable; simply purchase refill strips.

Command products are perfect for painted surfaces, tiled walls, wood etc. (Command states that this product should not be used on wall paper or vinyl covering).

Have fun beautifying your abode and never be afraid to dance!

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