Easy to assemble outdoor luxury family room for the abode

Summer is in full force expanding the living spaces of the abode to the great outdoors. Outdoors is for the sunny weather and beautiful evenings, playing and relaxing. The homes outdoor spaces are now being utilized much like an additional room added onto the home.

Magazines and showrooms display full outdoor kitchens with beautiful living room areas and entertainment centers. These dream exterior amenities can now be attained by the more modest homeowner with easy to assemble components.

Plan and build your very own exterior family room using Cambridge pre packaged and pre cut kits

Cambridge is popularly known as a paver company. They have now branched out to provide expertise in not only laying the “ground” work but also providing décor for the entire outdoor living space.

Create a dream kitchen outdoors with a choice of two different kits ready to install with absolutely no cutting necessary

Both come included with an all stainless steel appliance package

  • Grill (38” wide x 20” deep)
  • 5 Burners with 75,000 BTU Auto Ignition
  • 2 Lights for Nighttime Cooking
  • Sink
  • Refrigerator
  • Cabinet Access Doors

Pre-Packaged Olde English Wall Kitchen Kit

  • “…Complete with 4 pallets of Olde English Wallstones, 2 concrete lintels, and a top of the line Bull™ stainless steel appliance package… all set in a polished granite countertop. Granite countertop comes in 2 color choices: Black Uba Tuba or Venetian Gold Kitchen is designed as a left side “L” shape. A right side “L” shape is also available. L-Shaped Kitchen Dimensions: Short Side 76”L, Long Side 144” L, both 36” Wide”

Pre-Packaged MaytRx Wall Kitchen Kit

  • “Complete with 4 pallets of MaytRx Wallstones, 2 concrete lintels, and a top of the line Bull™ stainless steel appliance package, all set in a polished granite countertop.”

Cover your new kitchen or any of your other outdoor living spaces with a beautiful Pre-Packaged Pergola Kit; if you are purchasing the Pergola Kit, which requires concrete footings, to be used with a kitchen, it must be installed at the same time. Pergola Kit cannot be added after the kitchen is installed.

  • “Made of Timbersil pressure treated lumber with a non-toxic surface safe enough to eat off of, providing years of durability against the elements. The Kit includes all of the Timbersil and hardware required to build your Pergola with 10 inch diameter fiberglass Tuscan columns and bases. All components are pre-cut and drilled for easy assembly. All Timbersil comes unfinished so you can choose to stain or paint. Columns come in base white.”

Add a shaded retreat from the sun and rain with a Pre-Packaged Pavilion Kit

  • “The Pavilion Kit from Cambridge will provide a year-round, low maintenance gathering spot that will beautify any project. You have a choice of a cathedral or a flat ceiling and two standard sizes (10’ x 15’ and 12’ x 18’) or any custom size. Includes four 10” diameters, fiberglass Tuscan columns to be set on any Cambridge Column (not included). Pre-crafted components and hardware along with a complete set of drawings and construction techniques are provided to facilitate installation.”

Add to your room a cozy outdoor fireplace kit or fire pit to sit around for a cozy evening

  • Fireplace kits come complete with wall stones and concrete lintels, as well as a “top of the line Lennox™ stainless steel fireplace and features stainless steel curtain pull screens, a stainless steel fire grate, a 4-foot high, air-cooled chimney and black powder coated termination cap complete with galvanized flashing. Also standard are refractory brick panels inside the firebox and …polished granite tiles for the face on the front of the unit. Shipped as a wood burning unit, the fireplace can also be converted to gas.”
  • The pre-packaged fire pits come easy to assemble with the required stone, grates, inserts, and instructions.

For pizza lovers there is even a kit for a wall pizza oven

  • The pre-packaged kits come complete with tools to make the perfect brick oven pizzas.

A kitchen needs a place to sit and hang out

  • Add table or bar easily with a pre-packaged kit.

The fun part is finishing up the room’s décor

Enjoy shopping for outdoor furnishings and accessories to complement the room. Purchase outdoor upholstery and rugs. Take a nap outside in an outdoor bed.

Relax and luxuriate in your new and beautiful added addition to your home. Have a fun filled summer, listen to the music of the outdoor sounds and never be afraid to dance!

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2 thoughts on “Easy to assemble outdoor luxury family room for the abode

  1. Brilliant tips and tricks, thanks for sharing these ! A pizza oven and a pergola are two things I really desire but my list just got larger lol !

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