Decorating made simple for a do it yourself abode


You are longing to redecorate the abode but the cost hiring the contractors is totally beyond your budget.  The perfect way to have fun decorating and cut costs is to learning how to do-it-yourself. The results will be new beautiful décor to show off as well as bragging rights that you did it all by yourself.

Walmart has wonderful video tutorials available online that instruct viewers on how they can simply do their own projects.

Projects Made Simple is Walmart’s complete solution to make do-it-yourself projects around your home — simple.”

  • Learn how to replace a ceiling fan. If your ceiling fan out of date and worn but you do not have the funds to hire an electrician you can pick up a new ceiling fan at Walmart, follow the tutorial and easily replace your old one yourself.
  • Paint your own room or accent wall following the helpful advice and how-to steps to get your project beautifully accomplished.
  • A bathroom can be renewed simply by changing plumbing accessories, but plumbers can be expensive. Learn how to change your old bathroom faucet with a sparkling new one.

There are many other project tutorials to browse through at Projects Made Simple

  • Stain a deck
  • Install a water filter system
  • Repair a wall
  • Caulk a window
  • Repair a running toilet
  • Install a towel bar
  • Replace an outlet or switch

When you are ready to begin your project you will be able to find the tools and supplies that you need visiting the home improvement section at Walmart.

Have fun with your abode makeover. You can make it a fun weekend activity. Enjoy shopping for new accessories, drapes, sheets, and towels to finish up your redecorating projects. Have the guests over to show off the new décor and don’t forget to let them know that it was all accomplished with your own two hands.

Enjoy your accomplishments and never be afraid to dance!

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