Furniture choices for the abode’s patio enjoyment

The gorgeous weather is here. The song birds are singing the tunes of longer days and outdoor fun. We long to be outside to celebrate the sunshine.

This is the time of year to expand the living space to include the outside areas. Use your patio, deck, or porch as your summer dining area and family room.

Make the outdoor sitting areas inviting and comfortable.

There are ways to accomplish an elegant, comfortable, and enjoyable outdoor décor to fit within your own means. Start by measuring the space to be used and prepare a floor plan just as you would for an interior room.

Know your many choices for outdoor furniture.

Outdoor wicker; is maintenance free, made of resin and vinyl, and can be kept out all year. 

  • Wicker furniture is lovely but falls apart in the outdoor elements. Outdoor wicker furniture is made to look like the real thing but will not splinter and damage.

Aluminum; is easy to clean and resists corrosion so it can be left outside with little worries.

  • Cast aluminum is very lightweight and rust proof furniture designed to look like traditional iron furnishings. Lovely dining sets and sofas with deep cushioned seating create an elegant and luxurious décor.
  • Aluminum sling sets are more contemporary and very affordable.

Wrought Iron; is the traditional and classic choice

  • Iron is a very strong and heavy material that can be extremely heavy which makes it great for windy locals, such as by the water. Wrought iron is a metal that does require some care to prevent rusting and corrosion.
  • Garage sales and thrift stores are great places to find some nice inexpensive iron pieces. Just a little sanding and rust proof paint will make these furnishings new again. Finish by adding new cushions and you can have a beautiful dining set or chaise at a low cost.

Wood is often still a popular choice

Teak; believed to be the most durable of outdoor woods.

  • It will not warp or crack and is a low maintenance wood that requires very little upkeep. This is a dense wood that will not warp or crack over time. With it’s high mineral content, teak will not have problems with rotting.

Cedar; specifically Northern White and Western Red Cedars known for it’s durability in outdoor conditions.

  • This is a wonderful lightweight wood. Cedar will keep it’s wonderful appearance for at least 20 years without warping or rotting.

Native White Oak; known for its unique cell structure that repels moisture, insects and rot.

  • This is a dense and straight-grained wood. Oak furnishings are made with an oil finish that should be cleaned and re-oiled every year.

Eucalyptus; a wonderful sustainable choice for wood furnishings

  • Eucalyptus is considered a renewable resource since it is a plantation-grown hardwood that is sustainably harvested and is kept in constant supply. It is known to be a very dense wood with great durability and strength that requires little maintenance. This wood has a natural high oil content that repels water and moisture keeping it rot- and decay-resistant.

Enjoy getting your outdoor area prepared for your new furnishings. Have fun setting up the exterior of the abode for the summer season of relaxation and entertaining.

Get ready for the months of sunshine. Listen to the birds and bees sing their songs and never be afraid to dance!

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