Lace up for a fence to beautify the abode

Just as one sees another person at face value, before they say a word, the abode speaks loudly with it’s exterior decor and landscaping. As people come to visit your home, first impressions are made before they even enter through the front door.

The saying goes “fences make the best neighbors”, and the neighborhood can reflect on your own abode. Your fence should not just be a structure to enclose the yard, it should add to the splendor of your home.

A fence can be a working structure of art that will enhance the pleasure of the surroundings.

Lace Fence creates woven works of beauty out of ordinary chain link fences.

The Dutch Design House Demakersvan has created a magnificent lace fence using old world lace making techniques interwoven with common chain link fencing.

“Every fence is unique in its design by its craft and assembled patterns, which come in a variety of themes. From antique lace floral to contemporary designs and custom art patterns.”

Not only will these fences look beautiful in the yard, they are perfect for other applications indoors and for apartment dwellers.

  • Use to enclose an apartment terrace.
  • Bring the beauty of lace indoors as a grand staircase railing.
  • Create a lace worked dividing wall.

“The variety in patterns is endless. The design and density of all patterns is flexible, meaning that all patterns can be adapted in scale, mesh width, size and material.”

  • Share the yard with a beautiful Lion hidden among the flowers woven into the fencing.
  • The landscape will be whimsical with the beauty of a girl with flowing hair of pretty flowers.
  • Butterflies flutter among a garden wall.
  • The beauty of a damask pattern will add a touch of elegance to the garden or a staircase.

Lace Fence is available in several types of wire.

  • “Material types vary from (white) PVC coated wire with zinc core, galvanized iron, stainless steel, aluminum, brass or copper wire. All types are suit­able for indoor as well as outdoor use. Wire gauges vary from 2.0 to 4.5 mm (standard 2.5 mm).”
  • White and galvanized steel are the standard colors; custom colors are available upon request.

A Lace Fence can be a beautiful open weave or a tightly closed pattern for more privacy.

“One of the key features of Lace Fence is its open character. Lace Fence can be made as open as its application demands. The design and density of the Lace patterns are flexible. Varying from 5×5 mm up to 300×300 mm. Lace Fence can be adapted to prevent climbing on, to hide or enhance or personalize its environment.”

With imagination ordinary items can be reworked to create beautiful pieces of art to adorn the abode. Stay creative, think outside of the box, and never be afraid to dance!

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