Create a kitchen showpiece on your abode’s budget

As you wander through the kitchen you once again are faced with worn weary cabinets, out of date countertops, and fixtures from another era. Strolling through the home magazines you drool over the beautiful kitchens dreaming of a new kitchen of your own, but the costs make it prohibitive.

Even if you cannot afford the grand kitchen of your dreams, you can achieve grandness with a small budget and a little elbow grease.

Transform what you already have into your own masterpiece.

Rust-Oleum has two new products to transform your existing kitchen cabinetry and countertops into a new, designer kitchen.

  • Rust-Oleum’s groundbreaking Cabinet Transformations® systemmakes it very easy and affordable for anyone to renew their existing cabinetry.

    before and after/
  • Rust-Oleum Countertop Transformations™ will complete your new kitchen by transforming your existing countertops with the do-it-yourself coating system to refinish the counters into a beautiful granite look without the high cost of stone.

These are highly rated do-it-yourself refinishing systems that use the existing cabinets & counters, turning them into works of art. Simple, durable, and cost effective, it is a great alternative to replacing cabinetry. No demolition mess. Rust-Oleum’s Transformations is exactly what it infers; a system of products that will transform your existing cabinetry and counters into your dream room.

Cannot afford brand new cabinets? Be creative.

Take furniture from other rooms to repurpose as kitchen cabinetry. Scour yard sales and thrift shops for special finds.

  • Dressers work great for pots and pans, and of course silverware.
  • Old armoires make great pantries.
  • A buffet can be cut out on top to accommodate a kitchen Sink.

For a clean together look:Organize a variety of cabinets and dressers to fit into your plan. Cut legs and edges where you need to and add fillers to give the cabinetry a complete flush look. Finish by painting the completed pieced cabinetry in one high gloss color. Add your countertop and your kitchen is complete.

If you like funky: Repurpose odd cabinet finds in an uneven stacked look. This is easy and fun. Different finishes will add to the coolness.

Now it is time to complete your new kitchen décor.

  • Have fun shopping and purchase new drawer and cabinet pulls to replace old ones.
  • Faucets can easily be changed as well.
  • Paint the bare walls in a new color. The art of Feng Shui depends a lot on colors and can assist you in your choices. Learn how to make the proper paint choices for your project

Anyone is capable of doing this fantastic project themselves. Gain the gratification of showing off your new kitchen. This is a great option if you are preparing the home for the market or if you live in a rental.

Have fun creating your own beautiful designer kitchen! Never be afraid to dance!

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