Lift the bed off the floor to create a spacious abode

Living in a small house, or sharing an apartment, necessitates the need for being creative in order to gain the most out of your space in the abode.

The bedroom can be an oasis away from the kids fighting or roommate’s friends dropping by. This is your own island to shut out the outside world. In a small room the bed takes up most of the space. This is frustrating considering that most of the time the bed is used is for sleeping. Wouldn’t it be great to have full use of the bedrooms floor space?

There are several options to obtain the much wanted extra bedroom square footage.

  • Loft bed; this works if you have a higher than average ceiling height.
  • Sofa bed; notorious for having the uncomfortable bar that digs into your back as you try to sleep.
  • Futon; can be awkward to pull out and bohemian in appearance.
  • Pull down bed; a versatile Murphy bed that can be designed to fit any décor.

Murphy beds are perfect for creating much needed floor space

extreme makeover

Around 1900 William Lawrence Murphy invented the Murphy bed when he was faced with his own dilemma of living in a one room apartment. He played with using mechanisms to fold the bed away against the wall and then patented his invention.

The original Murphy bed has morphed into new styles and designs.

  • Available to be raised horizontally or vertically
  • The traditional Murphy bed is vertically hidden behind bi-fold closet or cabinet doors.
  • A panel Murphy bed is hidden behind a faux panel front between bookcases and is easily pulled down to reveal the bed.

  • Murphy beds are now hidden behind bookcases that swivel open so that the bed can be lowered.
  • There are now Murphy beds that are hidden behind tables, desks, and shelves that fold away as the bed in pulled down.

Get productive; design and build your own Murphy bed

Use Create-A-BedMurphy bed mechanism for do-it-yourselfers that features a state-of-the-art piston lift system and includes a step-by-step instructional DVD.

russ b, create-a-bed
  • Design a cabinet surround, or find a ready-made or salvaged wood storage cabinet, a few inches longer and wider than the mattress you are using.
  • Follow easy step by step directions and you will have a beautiful Murphy bed, and open floor space to enjoy, in no time!

Have a peaceful sleep in a comfortable bed. During the day relax in your own oasis, away from the rest of the household, in a spacious room. Enjoy your new found space. You have plenty of room to spread out in so never be afraid to dance!

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