Sweaters repurposed into cozy abode decor

Now is the time to take the summer wear out of storage and hide away the winter sweaters and scarves. As the sweater garments are packed away for storage it is the perfect time to weed out the old worn out and outdated items.

Instead of tossing out the old favorite sweaters, that are no longer wearable, be creative and repurpose them to use for your décor.

Brainstorming can result in amazing ideas to repurpose, reclaim, and recycle old sweaters into beautiful décor and help sustain the Earth.

Before the sweater décor project begins, it is best to prepare the sweater material for its optimum durability to be used in specific decorating applications

  • This process is known as felting to create a denser fiber.

Anyone who has mistakenly machine washed a wool sweater knows that the result is having your sweater shrink into a thicker feeling garment. For area rugs and upholstery the best sweaters to use should be mostly wool (at least 80 percent).

  • Turn sweaters inside out and wash in washing machine set to hot wash and cold rinse with a bit of soap and an old tee shirt.
  • You can take the sweaters out a few times during the hot wash cycle and hand rinse in cold water; squeeze out and place back in hot wash.
  • Before the washer finishes the final spin, take out the sweaters and roll remove excess water by rolling in a towel, and then lay flat to air dry.

There are so many beautiful interior décor fashions that can be created from the felted sweater materials

Take the sweater apart, removing the sleeves from the body. Cut along the seams in the inner arms and the sides and shoulders of the sweaters so you result in having flat pieces to work with.

  • Make a patchwork blanket; using cut squares from sweaters, whip stitch the squares together for a cozy blanket.
  • Fashion an area rug; sew flat pieces of sweaters together into the size area rug that you require. Use an old rug or canvas as a foundation and whip stitch the sweater rug onto the base.

  • Reupholster a chair seat, bench, or ottoman with a sweater.

  • Throw pillows give sweaters a sweet new life.


Old Cotton sweaters do not need to be felted to be repurposed into décor

  • Warm a sconce shadewith knitted sweater material.

    country living
  • Sweater sleeves are perfect as bowl and vasecovers.

    country living
  • Make pretty throw pillowsto add texture to a sofa


Have fun and fashion your own furnishings by recycling items that were to be discarded.

For more repurposing ideas for the décor check out NewspaperWood and yarn made from newspapers for really cool recycled inventions.

Trash is overwhelming the Earth. Repurposing will assist in keeping the excess trash from ending up in landfills. Develop your own upcycled creation to beautify the decor.

Decorate the abode with cozy fun, and never be afraid to dance!

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