Create your own bamboo art for the abode

Art is unique to the owner. Some enjoy adorning the room with photos; others are collectors of fine paintings. Whatever your preference, art makes a personal statement about its owner using the abode’s walls.

Paper Culture has brought the opportunity to combine art with sustainable design in their Bamboo Wall Art

  • There is a range of modern designs to choose from.
  • Personalize your art with your own photo, name or custom phrase.
  • Every piece of art is mounted on an eco friendly bamboo panel that is easy to hang.

Not only will your walls have their own unique decoration, the décor is eco-friendly 

  • Bamboo is one of the fastest growing, most renewable plants on the planet. Some species grow as much as 4 feet per day
  • Bamboo requires no pesticides to grow and relatively small amounts of water
  • Bamboo produces more oxygen than the equivalent sized forest of trees
  • Bamboo biodegrades quickly and in its entirety

Paper Culture is an eco, sustainable business.

  • They use only 100% post consumer recycled paper or alternative non-tree fibers.
  • Only recycled paper is used in their packaging.

Paper Culture plants a tree with every order placed and gives you the opportunity to dedicate the tree.

Paper Culture’s “Cards to Trees” goal is to plant 1 million trees in US national forests.

Bamboo Wall Art is versatile in its design

  • Available in four sizes from mini to large
  • Get a ready-made design or upload your own art; great for the special kids’ artwork
  • Upload one photo or a grouping

The new art should be hung correctly to be shown off proudly

  • Hang your art at eye level
  • Create a grouping of artwork to decorate the wall

Have fun creating your own Bamboo Wall Art. The walls will be beautiful dressed up with their new art. You will feel proud as you tell others that you created your own art and planted a tree in a national forest.  Get in touch with your inner artist and never be afraid to dance!

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