Coolest online sale sites: Shop till you drop fun for the abode, fashion, and more!

I don’t know about you but I love to shop. What makes it even more fun is the hunt for the coolest finds at unbelievable prices.

The internet has opened up the shopping world and welcomed it into our homes. No longer is it necessary to get dressed and go out to find the best deals on the perfect sofa or fashion. There are so many wonderful flash sales that are available 24 hours a day simply by turning on the computer. The mall has now come to you!

The best shopping sites offer beautiful furnishings at wonderful prices, interactive opportunities, and advice from design experts and personalities.

It is time to go visit the best online stores; open the door and let your fingers and eyes do the shopping!

Fabulous cool furnishings, fashions, and goodies at

  • Membership is free but by invitation only. Take advantage of this exclusive invite to
  • Everything on Fab is priced up to 70 percent off.
  • Take a trip by everyday to check out the cool magazine offerings, the fashionable eyewear and jewelry, and even pet treats, gifts, accessories, and much, much more.

New sales on the coolest furnishings can be found with every new day starting daily at 11am ET/ 8am PT.

New shops open every weekday evening at 7pm ET/ 4pm PT.

The Core Beliefs of is design. “Everyone everywhere can benefit from good design. Fab believes in providing an exceptional customer experience and is on a mission to be the world’s most valuable design resource” Fab is a new adventure everyday of the week!

Luxurious designer finds at

  • Visit LuxeYard to become a member for free, and use the code luxe4examiner to get 15% off of your first order.
  • LuxeYard has beautiful designer furnishings at up to 70 percent off retail. They pride themselves on having designers, fashion icons and celebrities on their team to assist in discovering and recommending exclusive finds.

Have your own personal Concierge; customers can request items that will be voted on through social networking. The buyers will then search out winner to offer at LuxeYard at a fraction of its retail price.

Group Buying allows the customers to push down the price of a specific item by encouraging others, through social media sites, to purchase the piece as well. The more people who want to purchase the piece the lower the price will drop. In the end everyone wins, paying the lowest price possible.

A unique Room Planner tool design aid allows customers to actually plan out a room in order to make an informed decision with the furnishings they find at LuxeYard.

LuxeLife Trendsetters sets itself apart from the other sites; allowing members to ask questions and receive designer assistance when looking for a beautiful furnishing item.

LuxeYard is a wonderful shopping site that sets itself apart from the others by creating an interactive environment for the consumer.

Get the unique finds at

  • Every day offers a “unique collection of transformative home and lifestyle products – both practical and indulgent.”
  • The Foundary was started by Hayneedle to connect people with amazing designers in order to discover their creations and have the opportunity to purchase the rare finds at up to 70 percent off the retail price.

The buyers for the Foundary are passionate about presenting unique pieces.

All of the products are of the highest lasting quality and the Foundary takes care of making sure the cost is of a substantial savings in order to be within reach to all. believes in offering items for sale that are unique and define the décor, sustainable over the disposable, being practical and indulgent, and are quality along with being cost effective.

Shop like royalty at One Kings Lane

  • Designer finds at One Kings Lane are on sale for prices up to 70 percent off the retail price. One Kings Lane is the go-to online shopping event site for home décor, furnishings and accessories.

 New sales launch every day at 8am PT/ 11am ET and last 72 hours. Shop early so you won’t miss out on limited quantities.

Look to One King’s Lane for their tri-weekly Tastemaker Tag sales Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 6pm PT/ 9pm ET and Saturday’s at 8am PT/ 11am ET.

Shop categories that range from furniture and lighting to rugs, art, accessories, tabletop, bed and bath, travel, kids, pets, stationery, gifts, and much more.

“With an extensive range of event types, product types, and new daily sales, One Kings Lane is like an exciting new treasure hunt–every day of the week.”

Take a savvy shopping adventure at

  • Take advantage of an exclusive invitation to and become a member of this great happening site to shop for decor. This invite entitles you to membership and $10.00 off your first purchase.
  • Check out Homesav for their daily event sales with the designer finds and inspired picks at up to 80 percent off the retail price.

Every day at 10am EST HomeSav launches multiple sale events featuring a wide range of home related products from décor and furniture to small appliances and hardware.

Sales last between 24 hours and a 6 days and quantities are limited.

Have fun discovering the best online sites with the coolest finds. Get lost in a shopping adventure without leaving the comfort of the abode. Sit back and relax as you browse offerings from around the world at amazing prices.

Let your fingers move gracefully across the keyboard guiding you to the best finds online and never be afraid to dance!

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