Painting ideas to freshen up the abode

Doors and windows have opened up to the lovely weather. People are bracing for the influx of visitors that the nice weather brings. The streets of the city come alive and the beaches are filled with fun and new life. With the anticipation of the lovely sunshine and warmer weather comes the desire to refresh the décor.

New décor does not mean having to invest a life’s savings.

  • Simply by painting a room with a fresh trendy color will add new life to an old décor.
  • Refresh a piece of tossed or worn furniture with a coat of paint to make new.
  • Paint old kitchen and bathroom cabinetry to create a fresh appearance.

Color embodies the personalities of the inhabitants.

Your abode is a presentation of yourself and should reflect that.

When contemplating painting a room or a piece of furniture, think beyond a single color.

  • An accent color can easily be added to bring attention to one wall, such as behind a sofa or bed.
  • Add a color blocked, geometric pattern to one wall with a few complementing colors.
  • Furniture can be painted with funky patterns in different colors.
  • Think outside of the box when choosing multiple colors for a palette.
  • Paint a worn out wood floor or brighten a concrete floor with a coat of paint.

Faux painting adds excitement

Faux Finishes are about blending colors and creating special effects, such as marble. Painting with faux finishes creates a multi-dimensional look to surfaces.

  • Paint a ceiling to reflect the sky.
  • Paint a faux molding on a wall or a piece of furniture.
  • Instead of wall covering, paint the walls to look like linen.
  • Hide rough, worn surfaces behind artful painting techniques such as fresco, and crackle.
  • Use stencils to create a border or pattern in a complementing color or colors.
  • Paint a pattern on the floor to reflect tile.

Faux painting can be simple to do, as in sponging, or more complex, as in marbleizing.

The instructions on how to paint various faux and decorative finishes can be found on Benjamin Moore.  If needed, you can arrange a consultation with an Interior Designer , before starting your project, to finalize the best colors and finishes for your decor.

Do not worry about making mistakes. Trial and error is part of the creation. Surfaces can be sanded and primed to make a new canvas to be freshly painted.

Painting will bring out your creative side. Have fun and do not be afraid to express yourself with color. Never be afraid to dance!

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