Interactive decorating fun for the abode’s walls

The search for unique interior decorating ideas is on.

Everyone wants to have the most unique décor to show off.

ZNAK application is fun and creative
  • ZNAK brings walls to life with beauty and fun wrapped into wonderful décor.
  • Znak has brought together the best young artists and graphic designers to create art to dress the interiors of structures as well as the exteriors.

What could be more exciting than to combine beautiful décor with interactive activity enjoyment?

  • Work with designer creations to create a distinctively designed wall specifically for your own abode.
  • Have fun designing your own wall.
  • Make it a fun weekend activity; Have the family join in or make it into a party happening.

Have fun with ZNAK Tears Off Wall Paper

ZNAK Tears Off
  • Tears Off is a modular wall covering with a vinyl coating finish for durability.
  • A play on words, Tears Off works as you tear off each tear shape to create a one-of-a-kind wall design.

    Tears Off
  • “ZNAK Tears Off is an innovative modular wallpaper. It is created with specifically designed perforation. By tearing off pieces of the wallpaper you can easily create your own unique Tears Off wall. The colour and texture of wall underneath the wallpaper will become a significant element within the design.”

Create exceptional mosaic wall designs with ZNAK Mosaic Wallpaper

many patterns to make with Mosaic wall covering


  • Vinyl coating with a self adhesive backing, it is durable as well as fun.
  • These are very versatile in different design patterns to play with and multiple color options.

    create a mosaic pattern with wall covering
  • “ZNAK Mosaic wallpaper is an innovative approach to wall design. The product consists of different colorful self-adhesive pieces of wallpaper. Arrange them with the help of stencils in different configurations to make beautiful, colorful wall designs that differ every time.”

Adorn the walls with ZNAK Baltic Contemporary Art wallpaper collection

Baltic fun design
  • Six contemporary artists, from the Baltic States, have been brought together to bring to life each of their unique art concepts into an interior design. These artists represent different fields of the art community such as, painting, fashion design, and video, designing distinctive new creations to dress the walls.
  • “Each design in the ZNAK Baltic Contemporary Art wallpaper collection has its own concept and tells a different story – it is real art in the interior”

Find many artistic options to choose from. Your walls will truly be your own. Interactive does not just mean computers. Have interactive fun bringing the walls to life. There are so many alternatives manufactured today that will enhance and beautify the décor with exceptional designer looks.

Enjoy the thrill of bringing out your creative side and never be afraid to dance!

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