Decor tips: Putting precious collections on display in the abode

Everyone has something in their life that they have been collecting. Childhood memories collected from the past, like Pez dispensers, or travel mementos, such as a collectable spoon from each foreign land that you have visited, are items sitting in a box somewhere waiting to be displayed, or else strewn about the home creating a mountain of clutter. Many people have boxes of stamps and coins forgotten about until a child comes across them or it is time for a big move.

Whatever we collect it is a collection out of love.

  • Many people enjoy collecting their own unique items; like antique tea sets, china pieces, vintage dresses, or their favorite animal (rooster, elephant, cats, cows). Collections become a labor of love and adventure.

    a wall-hung curio collection

Decorate using your collectables to accessorize.

You do not want accents to become a dusting nightmare.

  • Think of your space as a museum and rotate your collection around with the season. This way there will always be something fresh for your visitors to admire and want to look at.

A collection looks nice when grouped together.

  • Place your roosters on a shelf in the kitchen.
  • Display spoons in a frame hung on a wall.
  • Hang vintage hats on pretty wall hooks on a foyer wall.
  • Antique dresses look pretty hung as a wall accessory behind a bed.

    Vintage clothes collection decorates the wall
  • Antique quilts make beautiful wall art. They work well on a large wall; behind a bed as a headboard.
  • Create a display shelf of tea cups and saucers in the kitchen or dining room.
  • Decorative plates look pretty hung creating a wall of art.

    A collection of plates hung as wall decor
  • Show off your pretty silver in a shadowbox cocktail table in the living room.
  • Glass and Crystal pieces look beautiful in a lit glass display cabinet.

Shadow boxes are great for displaying smaller items like coins, stamps, spoons, and thimbles. You might want to have them placed on a nice background of velvet or another interesting fabric. You do not want the background to take away from the collection; it should enhance.

Take beautiful postage stamp collections and mat and frame them. Hang as a grouping on the wall. A designer tip is to keep groupings in odd numbers. Usually a grouping of three or five looks better than an even number.

Remember a few rules:

  • Be creative with your collectables
  • Honor your collection; do not mix it in with other accent pieces.
  • Do not clutter; less is more. If you have many pieces then rotate them with each season.

Keep your collection to a minimum:

  • You do not have to purchase every cow you see. When you are really attracted to an item it will make it more special. Perhaps you will want to start giving away some of your pieces to your children or grandchildren for their own homes. You can create a family bond and a legacy of collecting and memories to pass on for generations to come.

    A collection of vintage clocks placed on display

Enjoy showing off your personality in your accents. Collections make for great conversation and can help get the party going. Have fun creating your displays. As you are going through these precious items you get to reminisce and fill your life with great memories. Turn on the music and never be afraid to dance!

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