Decorating Trends for the Abode

People are very aware of fitting in with the most up to date trends and want to be at the center of style. When planning to redecorate the first place most look to are all of the magazines and home TV shows, reading and looking at the beautiful décor.

As in fashion there are new trends in decor with every new year. Fashion has taught us that trends can go as fast as they come. It is the same with décor. We have learned that adding a wide belt to an old dress can update it to the latest style. In the same manner you can use accessories to update the décor to a trendier look.

Find great buys at stores like IKEA, Target, or Homegoods, or at local craft fairs.

It is time to take a look back at the trends of 2011 as we head towards the next year.

2011 has been a year for bold colors, patterns, and textures.

  • Gem colors in deep reds, purples, and oranges.

    purples, reds, and oranges have been hot in 2011
  • The colors of nature will always be in for their relaxing value; vivid blues, greens, earthy golds and clays.
  • Dark brown is always a popular color, as well as aqua and soft pinks.

Design Tip: If you have neutral colored walls; tan, whites, pale sage greens, you can simply paint one wall with an accent color to pick up the décor.

  • Animal prints are big, especially cheetah.
  • Accessorize; arrange some animal print pillows on the sofa. Drape a throw in a trendy color to over a chair.

    accessorize with animal prints
  • Window treatments and lamp shades can easily be changed to a new color or pattern to update with a new trend.

The most important trend that is here to stay is thinking “green” as in being eco-friendly.

Using items that can be repurposed for creative furnishings will continue to be a popular trend.

  • Find an old chair that you can reupholster with a modern fabric.

    repurpose an old outdayed chair into a designer piece with a new fabric and paint
  • An antique chest can be repurposed into a bath vanity just by cutting a hole for a sink.
  • An old door can be used as a table top.
  • Old window frames can be used to frame artwork.

Renewable items help us to save our earth, therefore, will continue to be very popular.

This refers to materials made from plants that are quick-growing and easily replaceable like bamboo, cotton, hemp, and linen.

  • Hemp, which is grown without pesticides, is the strongest known fiber. Hemp can be used for many things including draperies, roman blinds, bedding, pillows and table linens.
  • Bamboo is excellent for floors and cabinetry and is also used to make fabrics.
  • Jute and Wool make great rugs.

Creating an earth friendly atmosphere has been very important in 2011 and should be for the years to come.

The most popular and ever-changing trend has to do with technology.

  • Computers, TVs, Music; with every new day we see a new technical, must have, item on the market. What was purchased only months ago seem obsolete. TV’s have gotten so thin, frameless, and light that they almost blend into a wall. They can even be hidden behind mirrors. There are now waterproof TVs made to place by a whirlpool or outside.
  • The biggest technical trend in 2011 has been 3D TVs. The 3D TV is bringing the family together again to watch movies. The newest 3D trend to come will be 3D TVs that will not require the special glasses.

Remember that you do not have to totally redo your décor to make it fit in with decor trends. Just a few touches can update the abode’s appearance into a chic trendy look.

Cannot wait to see the hot trends coming in 2012.

Dress yourself up in your finest trendiest fashion for the holidays and never be afraid to dance!

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