Food Meets Mind As Medicine To Heal: Greekalicious Maria Benardis

Read Carol’s BuzzFeed interview with amazing foodie healer Maria Benardis

1db003b7-92a2-4a8e-bfd2-0a4362984c37Greekalicious and its knowledgeable founder, Maria Benardis, have now arrived and settled in New York City to share the knowledge of ancient Greek wisdom and healing with food.

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Op-Ed: Gadgets to make reaching healthy New Year’s resolutions easier

Read Carol’s Digital Journal article to check out the coolest of kitchen gadgets to help with healthy eating.

Many over the holidays will be over indulging resulting in resolutions for the New Year to commit to getting healthy by feeding the body better options. Kitchen gadgets can make getting on a healthy track easier and habit forming for the entire household.


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