Dress rentals to live up to all fashionistas dreams: Charlotte’s Closet

Read Carol’s Examiner article to see how to make dressing up dreams come true

charlottes by nick

Yes, a dress rental is the fairy god mother answer to adorning the most exquisite of dream fashion like Cinderella. No matter what age or size, getting dolled up in the gown of one’s fantasies will make most feel like they are the belle of the ball. With costs of a dream dress being prohibitive not everyone can afford to have a closet full of dream gowns and dresses to choose from. Thankfully Charlotte’s Closet if packed full of beautiful sparkling dresses in all sizes and styles to please any fashionista’s passion for dressing up.

Dress rentals make #fashion dreams a reality @ShopCharlottes @MsWheelchairUSA #SummerStartsNow

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