Transformer tables turn dining into billiard and ping-pong fun: Creative decor for the abode

Not every home has the space to fit an ultimate game room so being creative when entertaining and having fun indoors can be a fun challenge. Utilizing underused areas in the home can be key in creating a fun and decorative space that will wow guests. When one steps outside the norm entire new opportunities come into play.

Get the best of dining as well as playing a favorite table game neatly fitted into a beautiful decor.montageToys and board games are easy to store away in a closet or chest. Often though the fun table games like ping-pong and billiards are reserved for homes with larger spaces. Now with some ingenuity and amazing designs, the ordinary dining table transforms itself from serving up food at meal time to table game fun for desert.

Check out the following beautiful works of artful tables available to double the dining and gaming excitement.

table-and-tennis, Douglas Ljungkvist
table-and-tennis, Douglas Ljungkvist

Table & Tennis was created to merge a beautiful conference, dining, or other use table, & build it to the specs of a table tennis table.” Have a bite to eat with friends, clean off the dishes, and it’s time to play. Open up a hidden drawer in the beautiful polished stainless steel base to take out the stored paddles and net, pop up the net and get ready for a game on a regulation sized ping-pong table.

Brian David Johnson
Brian David Johnson

Enjoy an evening of entertaining around a beautiful walnut parsons table custom designed and built by a true artisan, Brian David Johnson. This is a truly unique piece with a net designed from solid walnut to blend with the table creating a sculpture like appearance. “The solid walnut net was designed to double as a centerpiece for the table when in dining mode and the fitted hand blown glass drop ins function as small flower vases or candle holders.”

Pingtuated Equilibripong: A blend of art and function

pingtuated equilibripong, axel yberg
pingtuated equilibripong, axel yberg

Designed and built by an amazing artist, Axel Yberg has created a fun and spirited steam punk fashioned table.  Built from “mulberry, Chinese chestnut, black walnut, sycamore, red oak, black locust, cherry, holly, sassafras, and ash, reclaimed plumbing pipes and fittings, glass, mirror, steel, aircraft cable, and Edison reproduction light bulbs” this amazing piece of art playfully works equally for dining and ping pong pleasure. The regulation-size table is designed to easily “convert to a dining table, for up to twelve, by removing the net”.

Billiards and elegant dining all in onembm billiard mbm billiard 2 mbm billiard 3

MBM Billiard is known for their billiard tables. They now have used their knowledge for building beautiful regulation pool tables and added new beautiful designs to create two in one tables. The tables appear as if ready for elegant dining when concealed. Simply remove the table top and the tables are geared up for billiard action and enjoyment.

Billiard table designs ready for dining

Manhattan, billards breton
Manhattan, Billiards Breton

Billiards Breton has designed several models of billiard tables that are ready for double use for dining and a game of pool. The tables are available in two sizes and six finishes including three beechwood colors (natural, tinted, dark), white, black or a grey satin finish. A full set of of balls, 4 cues, 1 triangle, chalk, cue holder is include as well.

Fusion tables ready to serve food or billiardsfusioninterieur4 fusion table

“The Fusion table’s sleek design uses a rigid massive brushed stainless Space – Frame to accommodate the strength and stability required to hold the single piece slate playing surface in place. All of the pool accessories will fit on the table without anyone ever knowing what lies under the table leaves.” Fusion tables are designed in different finishes to accommodate any decor. Purchase coordinating chairs and sideboards to finish off a perfectly complemented decor.

Get the pool sticks out and rack up the billiard balls or pop up the net and hand out the paddles because now you are allowed to play where you eat!

Play, have fun and never be afraid to dance.

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