Decorating the man cave: An abode fit for a super hero

The super hero of the home needs his décor as much as the abode’s super heroine. For a woman a posh walk-in closet or a huge master suite and spa bathroom of her own is often an ultimate dream décor, but more times than not, when men are questioned about what their fantasy abode is, they wish for a décor that will emulate a masculine appointed secret haven to escape to.  Whether a single’s pad or a garage, basement, attic, outdoor patio or the corner of a room, any space can be imagined into the décor fitting for a man to get in touch with his super hero identity.real cave, modernmancave

The first step to achieving a perfect man cave is to have a plan in place.

Prepare a floor plan of the room(s) or area that will be set aside for the private cave for the male to call home. With a measuring tape, graph paper, and a pencil one can easily measure and place on paper a scaled layout of the space or spaces that are to be allocated for the man cave. Once the walls are in place the decor can be decided upon and furnishings can be chosen to be positioned perfectly to scale into the drawn space.

Decide on a decor theme that will make up a comfortable dream cave.

Favorite hobbies are an ideal theme for designing the ultimate cave decor in which to call home.  The man cave’s décor should encompass the hero of the home’s hidden secret powers to make the cave a showcase of his dreams.

  • Sports centralmultiple tvs, swflcalclosets.wordpress
  • Recording studio.records, game room,
  • Artist hideaway.
  • Car
  • Game room.basementfininshingohio
  • Master chef de cuisine.
  • Graffiti master.
  • To complete the ideal man abode one should choose the furnishings that will perfectly fit the space.

    Furnishings are meant to add comfort to the abode’s inhabitants. A list of dream decor items should be easy to come by since they have probably been floating in one’s head every time one drifts off into dream land or buys a lottery ticket.

    • A large flat screen TV.
    • The ultimate audio system.
    • A fully stocked bar.
    • Billiard table.
    • Card table.

    In addition to the media surround sound, bar or game tables, other furnishings are necessary to make the space complete for comfort and entertaining the male pals visiting with envy. Furnishings that are easily cleanable should be considered in order to not worry about spillage and instead be able to concentrate on enjoyment.


    • Concrete floors

    Floors in basements and garages can be painted with a fun color or pattern in high gloss enamel and a polyurethane top coat. Consider painting the floor in a design that follows the theme of the decor like a baseball diamond or a race track.

    • Tile floors will work well in any room.

    Tiles come in arrays of sizes, patterns, materials and colors that can fit any decor theme.

    • Laminate floors can look wonderful.

    Make sure laminate flooring is not placed anywhere that moisture may be an issue, such as a basement.

    • Engineered wood.

    The engineered manufactured wood creates a rich look and is hardy to work in most locations.

    • Use an area rug to place in the seating area.

    Rugs can easily be picked up, cleaned, or replaced when needed. For a garage, roll the rug up when you need to move the car in. Rugs made specifically for the outdoor elements can be left outside for the outdoor decorated man escape space.

    Seating and accent pieces. garage, xaxor

    Use imagination to create a wonderful decor with seating and decor centered around a favorite theme. Ultra creative souls may want to build their own furnishings or find unique items that have been crafted specifically for special interests making them not only usable furnishings but also wonderful art statements as well.

    • Skateboarders can design a wall or tabletop crafted from tiles by Art of Board that have been made from recycled skateboards.huntvalley
    • Avid bikers and bicyclists can shop at Bike Furniture Design for amazing chairs and tables built from actual parts of bicycles and motorcycles.loveseat07_52wt
    • Car fanciers can find sofas and chairs that are actually designed and built out of recycled car seats and an automobile’s body. Auto wheels and engines can be used as table bases. Build a table yourself by polishing or painting them first and then use glass for the table top. Vehicles can be used to build an interesting bar as well. Tool cabinets are perfect to be repurposed for car bar, ballerhouse
    • Sports fans will enjoy watching a game sitting in an old rescued stadium seat. Chairs and sofas can be made using baseball bats, hockey sticks, or skis for the surround and adding upholstery for comfortable seating.old theater seats, flickr
    • Studious sorts may enjoy a sofa surround or bar crafted from books with books also repurposed to be used as shelves floating on the desk, cubeme
    • Hair enthusiasts will find that antique barber chairs can make for comfortable seating and old fashioned male gossip.barber chairs, blog.blinds

    Comfortable seating pieces come together when using the right upholstery fabric choices.

    Leather comes in many colors other than black and also works well when used as a mate with another fabric. Make sure that the leather is not hard and stiff and that you will be able to sink into the seat. Animal skins can be fun for benches or rugs as well. Use an animal hide as a throw on a sofa.

    Crypton fabrics are perfect for super hero abodes being impervious to most spills and will last through almost anything. These fabrics are a great choice and come in many patterns and types of fabric including plush chenille.

    Fashion fabrics make good choices. When deciding on a fabric one can simply choose a fabric that a man commonly wears, such as wools, tweeds and denim.

    Be artistic and think outside of the ordinary by using a Native American woven blanket for upholstery or an interesting rug.

    No room to allocate, then decorate a small corner to call one’s own mini cave.

    Choose a massage chair that will give one soothing personal attention. Add a privacy screen that when in place everyone understands that you are not to be disturbed. Use an end table with built in hidden refrigerator next to the chair and keep a pair of personal earphones close by to plug in and close out the world around to enjoy a moment of man cave peace.

    Whether one lives alone or with a gaggle of family or roommates, most dream of having the perfect decorated space to escape to in their home. Women might tend to opt for the dream shoe closet, but men speak about having their fantasy cave, much like Batman’s cool abode, when questioned about their choice of what their perfectly appointed desired room would be.

    Have fun creating the cave of your dreams and never be afraid to dance!

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