Easy beautiful faux painting techniques to refresh the abode

Just as wearing some newly purchased fashion adds a sparkle to one’s life, adorning the abode with new decor will invite new excitement into one’s day to day life. Redecorating an entire home is not always an option; the project may be too huge to undertake and costs could be prohibitive. Paint is the perfect cost effective option to turn the old decor easily into a new beautiful home that will bring renewed happiness and beauty to one’s surroundings

Almost everything in the decor can be transformed with paint.

dutch boy
dutch boy

Think beyond the walls and create a new decor painting floors, cabinetry, furniture, and even lampshades and accessories. Even fabric sofas and drapery can be changed into a new appearance with paint. Paint using a single color or multiple colors for a fun look. Use creativity to paint a piece with colors layered or a faux finish.


Faux painting is a wonderful option and is also a perfect way to hide imperfect walls and surfaces.

You can find easy to follow instructions online at sites such as Benjamin Moore, and Valspar Paint to create a beautiful faux finish for your abode. Have fun researching ideas and using your imagination to invent techniques such as using wood glue mixed with paint to achieve a weathered look.

An entire new decor can be fashioned with the many options that faux painting offers:

  • Faux marble

  • Venetian plastering

    dutch boy
    dutch boy
  • Color washing
  • Ageing & distressing
  • Wood grainingIMG_1022
  • Ragging & stippling
  • Dragging
  • Sponge painting
  • Spatter painting
  • Terracotta
  • Liming
  • Brick, tile and stone

  • Stenciling

Start by collecting the supplies needed in order to set up your painting project.

The items needed for a professional looking project to be completed are a drop cloth, rags for cleanup, a cloth and white spirit to pre clean surfaces, light sand paper or sanding block to prepare surfaces for paint, ESP (Easy Surface Preparation) to prepare surface if covering mica, wood filler or putty, putty knife, a screwdriver to remove hardware, primer (light if painting light color or dark for painting darker colors), paint, polyurethane for top coat, paint brush or foam roller (foam rollers are great because they are made to use on surfaces where a very smooth finish is required) and paint thinner for cleanup if using oil based paints.

Beginning your project.

When painting the room’s walls move all furnishings away from the walls. Place drop cloths over furnishings when painting the ceiling. If painting furniture or accessories place them in the center of a drop cloth.

Use an extra bit of attention to details when prepping for painting.

Remove any hardware from cabinetry and furniture.

  • When your project is completely dry you will have the option to put the same hardware back or purchase new hardware to create a totally fresh look. to conserve funds consider painting the existing hardware in a contrasting color for a new appearance.

Clean down the item being painted

  • Use white spirit (if you are not sure what to use ask at your local hardware store) to clean surfaces to be painted.

Sanding is important to prep the surface.

  • Make sure to sand lightly, evenly, and smoothly. You can use a small hand sander if you have one available. For mica surfaces use the ESP instead of sanding to bond the paint.

Fill in any holes and deep scratches.

  • Hole can be smoothed away using wood filler raised to slightly above the surface. Let dry and sand the filler so it is flush with the surface.

Time for fun and excitement, and paint!

There are different types of paint to choose from.

  • Water based acrylic paints are easy to use, dry fast, and clean up with water.
  • High Gloss oil based paints are much more durable and create a smoother more professional finish. A paint thinner will be needed for oil paint cleanup.
  • Paint with primer built in is quick and easy but may not be the best choice for some faux techniques.

Paint on a primer first that is best suited for the type of paint you have decided to use.

The primer is applied first in order to help the paint to adhere. You might want a couple of coats for coverage. After the primer is dry you can add your color.

You will be painting a few coats to achieve your finished product.

Paint in thin coats to prevent drips and make sure to brush up any drips before they dry. Let the paint dry between coats (between coats of oil based paints or primers a paint brush can be stored in a zip lock bag inside of the freezer. The brush could stay there for days without allowing the paint on it to dry). It is important to sand lightly (220 grain) between each coat so the paint will adhere well. Be sure to remove any sanding dust before additional paint is applied. Apply a second coat and a third (if needed).


For furnishings, cabinetry, counter tops and floors apply a top coat of clear polyurethane to finish the job.IMG_1007

Whether painting your piece in a faux finish or single color paint, finishing with a top coat of clear polyurethane will provide a more resilient finish for your painted furnishing. It is not as necessary to paint polyurethane for walls. Make sure paint is completely dry before placing on any hardware and returning furniture for use. Paint instructions will give the recommended curing time.

Have fun placing the newly painted furnishings in your newly painted abode. Add some great new finds such as new window treatments, pillows, bedding and accessories to enhance the freshly painted rooms and furniture to complete your new redecorated abode. Be proud, you accomplished a great project to literally live in and show off to guests, who are sure to be envious of the beautiful new decor.

Paint a smile on your face and never be afraid to dance!

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