Multi use furniture: Beautiful small space abode decorating

When the cost of living goes up corners need to be cut. Harder economic times can affect one’s choice of living space causing people to downsize to a smaller abode. Living in metro areas, such as cities like New York, presents such high costs for living that one has no choice but to pick a tight studio apartment to live in.

Smaller living quarters can make decorating a fun challenge.

When decorating a small room or studio apartment look at it as a puzzle that when completed you have all of the pieces in place to create a beautiful perfect picture. Everything should fit perfectly together in order to make use of every square inch.

Boats and RV’s can inspire inventive furnishings for multiuse living spaces such as a studio apartment.

Step foot into the cabin of a boat and enjoy a snack at the table in the galley. At bedtime the table magically transforms into a comfortable bed turning the eating area into a bedroom.

Sleep comfortably at night and entertain guests during the day with Matroshka transformable furniture.Capture8

Matroshka Furniture has designed the perfect furniture to transform a tight space into a multipurpose living environment.

  • All that is needed is a space that is approximately 6-1/2 feet by 11-1/2 feet to fit the Matroshka furniture. The furniture consists of a desk with a living room area that transforms into a dining area and bedroom. “Matroshka can have either a left or right-hand corner.”

Matroshka Furniture was born from Russian wooden dolls.

“The inspiration came from the everyday life as well as the naming Russian wooden dolls that hide inside each other. The result became a versatile furniture with room for relaxation, work and swirling dances – in 15 square meters.”

  • When the living room is set-up it has space to accommodate up to 12 people.Capture
  • Purchase the table that is sold separately for a dining table and coffee table. The table is made to “be moved up and down hydraulically, making it simple to adjust to your needs at a particular time – one moment it’s a dining table, the next it’s a coffee table.”Capture4
  • Transform the living room into a bedroom with double bed for a comfy night’s sleep.Capture3
  • In addition Matroshka has also included “generously proportioned storage spaces”.Capture2 Capture9

Based in Sweden the Matroshka Furniture stays true to the modern and sleek Swedish design.

The furniture is utilitarian while looking clean, modern and cool in its design. “The basic design employs quality materials such as birch plywood, oak veneer and Swedish woolen fabrics. The emphasis remains on good craftsmanship.”

No matter where one lives, decorating for the individual space is important especially when your space is limited. Add some artwork to express yourself and put up shelves for extra storage and display space. Make your space your own to enjoy entertaining and living. Close the Matroshka Furniture up tight to open up the floor space. Turn up the music and never be afraid to dance!

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