Bandana decor ideas to dress the abode

Decorating the abode should be fun. In these times of economic struggling the home’s decor often gets put at the bottom of the list. With some imagination one can create a beautiful decor without hurting the budget.

Bandanas can be the perfect instrument needed to use to make beautiful music with the decor.

Found in just about every color of the rainbow, the old fashioned square bandana can be found at the local dollar store.

  • For a colorful decor mix the rainbow of colors
  • Prefer a more elegant look then use muted colors or simply stay with black and white.
  • Bandanas are perfect for a patriotic or nautical theme.

Creative fun and ingenuity will transform bandanas into lovely decor.

Dress a table up easily by using bandanas.

  • Sew the bandana squares together to create a tablecloth or runner.

  • Simply fold a bandana to use for pretty napkin table settings.

  • Bandanas make perfect placemats to dress the table.

Bandanas make perfect covers to create decorative throw pillows.

  • Sew two bandanas together back to back for a cover.
  • Easily tie corners together with string or ribbon for a no sew pillow.


Add decorative depth to a window by using bandanas to create a beautiful valance.

  • Sew them and add liner and edge treatments.

  • Fold bandanas in a triangle and simply hang on a rod.

    timeless treasures
    timeless treasures
  • Attach curtain rings to the top edge of the squares and hang from a rod or hooks.

Adorn the walls and furnishings by simply using bandanas.

  • Use bandana squares to create a quilt to adorn the bed.
  • Bandanas sewn together in a quilt effect makes a beautiful wall covering.
  • Find frames at yard sales, paint them and frame bandanas to group on the walls.
  • Create your own fabric memo board using a bandana with some ribbon and buttons.

  • Cover a cork board with a bandana and frame it for a decorative place on the wall to post memos and photos.
  • Renew old boring lampshades with bandanas.


Bandanas are no longer just for little ones to play cowboys with or to wipe the sweat off of the brow. Bandanas are in vogue to be used for just about any application that one can come up with. Think outside of the box and have fun decorating the abode. Make it a challenge to interior design a beautiful home without spending your life’s savings. You will achieve a wonderful sense of accomplishment as well as a beautiful home to reside in.

Never be afraid to dance!

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