Galley style kitchen design ideas for the abode

Kitchens come in many styles and sizes. Not every home is blessed with a huge room designed to prepare meals, eat in and entertain, but every abode does have a kitchen sized to fit in with the home’s needs.

Have fun watching my eHow video discussing galley style kitchen designing.

Many homes have kitchens known as galley style.

These kitchen are designed for mainly the utilitarian purposes of storing supplies and preparing the meals like the galley on a boat. Designed for a small space, these kitchens are popular in Brown Stones and apartments with enough space to fit counter space and appliances running down on opposite walls facing each other.

Galley kitchens can be beautiful when designed to cater their style.


Use space wisely.

Space is at a premium in a small kitchen so use it to its best ability.

  • Add shelving above a window and doors.
  • If there is a window over a sink then bridge the upper cabinets with a shelf placed in front of the window to hold glass wear.
  • A rack can be hung from the ceiling over a stove to hang pots and pans.

Brighten up the space.

Keep the smaller space spacious with good lighting. A galley kitchen is normally long and can appear like a tunnel without the proper lighting.

  • If you do have a window then keep treatments to a minimum with a simple bling to let the light in during the day.
  • Place recessed lighting in the ceiling.
  • Add decorative pendant lights over a sink or open counter area.

Consider adding an opening in a wall t

o brighten the space.

The galley kitchen most likely backs up to the dining room or family room. Review the layout to see if it is possible to add an opening from the kitchen to another space.

  • Adding a pass-thru where the sink faces the wall can open up a galley kitchen and provide a view when working at the sink.
  • Open up a wall to widen the galley counter into the other room to provide counter seating.

Raise the ceiling to create space.

You probably don’t have the option to actually raise the ceiling but one can actually design the kitchen to appear tall and lean.

  • It is easy to make the room appear larger easily by just building the upper cabinetry up to the ceiling.
  • Build a floor to ceiling pantry.

Keep the color light. 

Dark cabinetry will close a space in so stick to lighter tones. Add dimension with a darker counter or backsplash.

  • Do not be afraid to pick a color for a fun kitchen, such as blue, but make it in a light tone.
  • Choose a natural lighter wood such as maple or birch.
  • White kitchens look lean and clean.

Design the space that surrounds you to add comfort to your life. The abode should be a sanctuary to enjoy. Never be afraid to dance!

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3 thoughts on “Galley style kitchen design ideas for the abode

  1. I really enjoyed to read this blog and also a video of kitchen designing. Your kitchen design ideas are so fantastic and i think those are good to design small space kitchen in stylish way.

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