Turning a dresser into repurposed decor for the abode

Dressers can be used for more than just storing clothes away in the bedroom. Often when it comes time to redecorate the old dressers are tossed to the curb. These dressers can be repurposed for a multitude of decor possibilities saving them from ending up as another item in a landfill.

Watch me on this eHow video instructing on ideas for repurposing a dresser!

A dresser can be repurposed into the center of entertainment.

With media technology growing with the development of thin, flat screen TVs and small video devices there is no longer a need for a huge media center to be built around the equipment.

  • Repurpose a beautiful found dresser into a media center. Simply take out the top draws and finish the openings for video players. Place the TV on top and you are ready to watch favorite movies.


Wine tasting is an enjoyable activity when friends gather. Wine storage has now become a beautiful part of the decor that folks want to show off.

  • Create a wine display rack repurposing a dresser. Remove a few drawers in a dresser and replace with cubbies to hold wine bottles


The kitchen is the center of activity when entertaining. A kitchen island becomes a place to gather and enjoy cocktails and goodies over conversation.

  • An old dresser will become new again repurposed as a beautiful center island for the kitchen.


Redecorate the bathroom using a repurposed dresser.

Dressers can be renewed for a new life in the abode’s bathroom.

  • Add a granite counter top with a hole in it for a lovely sink to be used as a vanity.


Repurpose the old dresser as a receptacle for storage.

Hate that old dresser that was a hand-me-down or are you just ready for a new look, then use the dresser for a new purpose in a spot that is hidden away.

  • Repurpose a dresser as a tool chest in the garage.
  • Place it in the basement to store away out of season clothing or the beach towels and blankets.

Dressers can be redesigned for a life in a new room of fun.

Craft and Toy rooms are always in need of places to store away items when not being used.

  • Paint the old dresser in a fun color. Add new knobs and the kids will have fun storing toys and games away.
  • Remove drawers and repurpose a dresser with pretty baskets to store away the goodies.


Repurposing saves money and the Earth while creating a brand new piece of furniture. Use your imagination and never be afraid to dance!

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