DIY beautiful memo boards ready for the abode’s decor

Whether female or male, young or old, a memo board can hold a life of memories to display and admire. Craft a fabric dressed memo board yourself easily in minutes to decorate a room with. Also perfect to give for a graduation gift.

A DIY ribbon memo board creates a beautiful showcase for memories.


With a few supplies in hand you will be prepared to create a beautiful French memo board.

  • A canvas or board (new or salvaged) in the size that you desire.
  • Batting for an upholstered effect.
  • Your choice of fabric that will cover the surface adding a few inches extra in order to wrap the surface to the back.
  • Any width and type of ribbon.
  • Buttons (you can have fun using salvaged buttons in a mix of sizes and shapes for a unique look)


The only tools needed to complete the project are:

  • A staple gun
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Needle & thread

Follow Melissa’s easy tutorial at On The Rag Mag to make your beautiful board.

For a real easy fabric covered memo board simply cover cork with fabric and hang.

  • Purchase cork boards already in a size that you want or buy a role of cork that you can cut to a large piece.
  • Affix the cork to a piece of plywood, cut the same size, with some hot glue.
  • Use fabric of your choice that is a large enough piece to cover and wrap the cork board ( recycle pretty drapes or sheets).
  • Staple one side to the back and pull tight to staple the opposite side to the back. Repeat this on the adjacent two sides. Make sure to miter the corners so they look neat from the front.
  • Attach a saw tooth hanger to the back or a pretty ribbon or rope can be stapled to the back for hanging.


Frame the fabric covered cork board to show off beautiful memories.

  • Cover a standard art sized cork board with a pretty fabric.
  • Finish the board off with a ready-made frame purchased at an art supply or craft store in the same standard size as the board.

Add a special touch with a unique photo or poetry showcasing a special moment to share and remember pinned onto the memo board. This is a wonderful project that will never stop providing beauty and recipients will forever be reminded of your love.

Give the gift of memories to yourself and others. Never be afraid to dance!

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