Light the stairway to a heavenly magic abode

Like a scene in a movie lighting a characters way to a destination as they take each step can now be a reality in the abode’s decor. Imagine the beauty as a light is activated with each step taken on a staircase to brighten the path to an upper floor in the abode.

Easily decorate the staircase with lovely accent lights that seem to magically light up.

Illuminate the staircase as one ascends or descends with accent lighting that lights upon each step as if like magic. Interactive Furniture has developed the Automatic LED-Stair-light. led3

Interactive Furniture’s concept is to “bring light into the darkness”.

The “lighting systems are specifically developed for staircases and hallways, offering you advantages every step of the way”.

The  Automatic LED-Stair-light module works easily to add beautiful lighting with every step.

Climb the way to beauty using the stair-light control module. led2

The module is designed to light up to a 16-step staircase. “The LED stair lighting is controlled by two sensors which activate the spotlights sequentially as you ascend or descend the staircase. Each light dims again as you pass it, creating an impressive end result.”

Switch the lights so that they stay on for an accented glow for beauty and safety during the dark hours.

Put a spot light on activity using the Automatic LED-Stair-light. spotlight2

·        A spot light placed in the wall showcases each riser as it is stepped upon.

Add uniform accent lighting with each step using LED-Stripes.led4

·        LED-Stripes placed under each step light creating a uniform illumination of each stair.

Easy to install; beautify the abode easily simply by plugging in.

·        “The lighting system is also easy to install. For system set up, simply connect the LEDs to the control module and the rest works automatically. The control module was developed especially for indoor use and is delivered in an installation-friendly housing.”

Complement the accent lighted steps with an illuminated frame to dress the decor.

Add dimension to the walls with a unique decor that will brighten the wall with a frame dressed for any mood.

·        The LED light frame has been designed for mood lighting in different colors illuminated within the frame. Designed after the Eames DAW design classic hat came as a reading light.LightFrame4 LightFrame3 LightFrame1

Simply by using special accent lighting in unique applications you can create a special and beautiful decor. Lighting creates depth in the decor and spectacular layers to an already beautifully decorated abode taking it to new levels of loveliness.

Light your way to happiness and never be afraid to dance!

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