Springtime decor update with 2013 paint color trends

Spring is in the air. It is time to open the windows up to air out. This is also the perfect time for freshening up the decor with some new paint. Think earthy, whimsical and glamorous. The calming colors of nature with a bit of bright fun and a touch of Hollywood elegance make up the color palette for 2013. Perhaps with the anticipation of a royal baby, this year is all about royal colors.

Have fun with some new exciting colors to play with.

Deep Blue is seen as elegant and regal. In Feng Shui blue represents water and is known to be very calming and promotes peace.

  • Navy Blue is the new black; the darker the better.
  • Royal Blue is deep yet bright adding a boost of new color to a neutral sofa or bed.


Purple is the color of nobles. In Feng Shui it represents mystery and fire.

  • Eggplant can almost be used as a neutral color for an upholstered piece of furnishing.
  • Bright Deep Purple makes a wonderful accent color.

  • Dusty Purple in a Taupe tone makes a beautiful wall color

Green is the color of renewal. It promotes fresh energy, regeneration and good health in the world of Feng Shui.

  • Emerald Green is Pantone’s 2013 Color of the Year and adds some new fun energy to a dull decor.11262012_cotyslideshow_01

Orange is the new red. In Feng Shui the color orange is known for creating energy. Use it to promote good times for the coming year.


Yellow in soft hues has turned into a neutral taking the place of tans and beige.

  • Lemon Sorbet is Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year.

    Benjamin Moore
    Benjamin Moore

Have fun using new colors to add a new outlook for the coming year

Painting the walls will make one feel as if they have moved into a new abode. A new color to the walls in the bedroom can add a bit of new romance. Transform the office with a new color for a renewed hope for a great year to come. Change out old dull accessories with some new life. Add pillows, window treatments and rugs in the hot new colors. Change a lamp shade for an instant new look.

With minimal cost, simply by updating the abode’s look with the hot colors of 2013 will give a boost to welcome in the spring. Have fun brightening your life with new color and never be afraid to dance!

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