Valentine’s Day DIY ‘love’ly keepsakes to decorate the abode

Valentine’s Day is upon us. It is not just for lovers. Valentine’s Day is a great time to show your love and appreciation to friends and family as well. What better way to express your gratitude than to create a gift of love with your own two hands.

Flowers are one of the most popular Valentine’s Day gift. Roses are at the top of the list when conjuring up images of offerings of love.  Instead of ordering an expensive bouquet of roses, to be delivered by a stranger,create a bunch of roses yourself.

Make a beautiful bouquet of glorious roses simply out of paper to be hand given to your Valentine.

Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart

All it takes is imagination, paper, a pencil, scissors, and glue.

Coiled paper roses

Any type of paper can be utilized; newspaper, construction paper, craft paper, gift paper, magazines, comics, sheet music, etc. Make the roses Earth friendly by using discarded newspapers, gift wrap, and magazines.
  • Cut a square of paper out, six inch by six inch is a good size.
  • Draw a spiral circle on the paper.
  • Cut along the lines of the spiral circle, remove excess paper waste.
  • Start from the outside and start coiling to create the rose.
  • When coiling is finished it will be tight, let go and the rose will open.
  • Add glue glob to bottom center and press the rose down to keep in place
  • has complete step by step tips with photos

No-fuss paper roses

As directed by these are the easiest paper roses to make.

  • Take an 8″ red paper doily and cut a straight line to the center.
  • Roll the doily, making sure the wrong side faces up.
  • Twist the end.
  • Use tape to create a stem; floral tape, painters tape, etc.

Optional: cover the stem with ribbon for a more polished look.

Present your floral gifts

  • Place the roses in a beautiful bowl to display.
  • Use twigs as stems to display the paper flowers in a vase.
  • Incense sticks can be used as stems and adds romantic scents to the flowers.
  • Garnish a gift box with the decorative paper roses.

Be inventive and use a paper rose as a boutonniere or a few in a corsage for a romantic evening out. 

No sweetheart? Step out with friends to enjoy Valentine’s Day. Wear your rose boutonnieres and corsages proudly and have a great time.

Enjoy life. Valentine’s Day is a reminder to be heart smart! Live life to the fullest and never be afraid to dance!

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