Wine racks make a statement of art and function for the abode

Whether one is a wine connoisseur and collector, or someone who enjoys a glass of wine occasionally, or just likes to keep a few bottles in stock to open as guests drop by, most people have bottles of wine in their abodes that need to be stored.

True wine collectors know about keeping proper temperatures and having the necessary coolers to properly store their investments. Most people just want to store a few lovely bottles for pure enjoyment and sharing.

Wine can be creatively stored on racks that are useful as well as being lovely pieces of art additions for the home.

Remember that wine stores best on its side.

  • Wine Racks hung on the wall can be creatively designed to look like wall sculpture in free form shapes.musical_wine_rack, coolclockshop
  • Geometric shaped wine racks will give to the abode a contemporary dimensional piece of art.touchofclass
  • A wine rack fashioned with vines will bring a traditional touch to the decor.
  • There are wall and ceiling wine racks that double as a wine glass holder as well.francesca wall wine rack
  • Beautiful tabletop wine racks look like sculpture sitting as a centerpiece.bali 10 wine rack
  • Accent tables are made with built in wine racks creating an instant serving table.brookstone, metalworks
  • Simple cubes can create a dividing wall of wine storage.
  • Pedestals do double duty to hold bottles in the base and an attractive display on its top.brookstone. tuscany

Have fun hunting for interesting additions to your decor as well as that perfect bottle of wine. Invite over the guests and show off your new piece of functional art as you share a glass of the grape. Sniff, swish, follow the legs, and never be afraid to dance.

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