Decorating a toy room to promote fun and organization in the abode

The dream toy room is the room that magically cleans itself up as if in the movie “Mary Poppins”. Unfortunately it is usually an exhausted parent stubbing their toes on toys scattered about and yelling at overtired kids to clean up after themselves.

Toy room decorating should involve the kids. That way they will take pride in showing it off and hopefully keeping it in order.

The toy room should be more than just for play.

It is also the room that the kids can sit and enjoy a book or watch a movie. Provide comfortable areas to sit that will also work double duty.

  • Use a futon for the kids to crawl up on to read a good book. Futons have covers that can easily be cleaned. They also are perfect for sleepover parties.
  • A toy chest or storage ottoman is perfect in front of the futon to throw the feet onto as the kids watch a movie. Toss the stuffed toys into the storage chest for a neat room.IMG_1282
  • The end table can double as a play table with a couple of child chairs around it for craft time or homework.

For a play room it is key to keep as much open space as possible.

The floor should be as comfortable as the furniture. The kids might want to play or stretch out on the floor to watch a movie. They need room to express themselves and play with the interactive video games.

  • Place soft padding under plush area rugs.
  • Large throw pillows can double as floor cushions for extra seating.apartmenttherapy

 The secret to decorating a toy room is to make organizing easy and a fun lesson in play.

Check out my helpful video:

Bookcases and shelving are wonderful to keep bins in to sort out toys, electronics, homework and craft & art supplies. Make this a project to plan with the kids. Have them sort out their objects of delight into the different categories. Find bins in different sizes and materials for every use at stores like IKEA or Container Store to organize the toys and everything else in. The kids can make their own labels to place on the bins to organize the favorite things.

LEGO Storage Bricks; The Container Store sells wonderful giant LEGO Block storage boxes in different sizes that will store more than just LEGOs. Not only do they store toys, art supplies and more, they double as actual functional LEGO blocks that the kids can use to build a prized fort or their own private corner with.LegoStorageBrickXL_x

The walls can create their own play area in the toy room.

Chalkboard paint will turn a wall or walls into a place for everyone to express the graffiti artist inside. The paint is now available in colors beyond black. Not only will the kids have fun drawing out their thoughts in chalk on the walls, the walls can now be the perfect place to leave messages for the kids.benjamine moore

Dry Erase paint turns a wall into one big memo board.

Magnetic primer can turn the walls into one big canvas to hang artwork, prized homework and reward certificates to display. Use the magnetic primer under a favorite paint color or even under chalkboard paint for double fun.

Toy rooms should be a place to play in and have fun but they should also be used as a way to teach the little ones the importance of staying organized. The better organized than the more fun for play and the less time for fighting among the kids and caretakers about cleaning.

Make decorating a learning experience for everyone. Have fun and never be afraid to dance.

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