Wood beauty in furnishings for the abode’s outdoors

Outdoor furniture has traditionally been crafted out of wood. Childhoods of the past bring back memories of redwood picnic tables, wicker porch furniture, and Adirondack chairs. Wood furnishings add warmth to the décor that other materials cannot match.

There are many problems when using wood for outdoor furnishings that take away from their beauty.

  • Rain soaked furniture is unusable since it takes a long time to dry.
  • Painted and stained wood will need to be redone as it fades and chips.
  • Wood furniture usually needs some kind of yearly upkeep.
  • The wood will eventually rot and decay from the rain and sun.

There are now wood alternative choices that have the look of wood with the resilience of plastic.


EnviroWood by Seaside Casual, and Poly-Wood are brands of lumber made from recycled plastic.

  • These are wonderful eco-friendly alternatives to the traditional wood furniture that has the quality, comfort, and beauty of traditional painted wood without the maintenance.
  • Both EnviroWood and Poly-Wood are made from HDPE plastics (high-density polyethylene); the type of plastic used to make plastic consumer products that can be rinsed and recycled, such as milk jugs and detergent bottles.
  • UV protection is mixed in during the manufacturing process protecting furnishings from the elements and harsh cleaning products.
  • No painting is required; the color is built-in with many colors available to choose from. The dense material keeps the built-in added color from fading.
  • This furniture needs no storage and can be left outside in any climate.
  • Maintenance is very easy with just soap and water required for cleaning.

Seaside Casual’s EnviroWood outdoor furniture is “crafted from recycled plastic bottles and containers that are permeated with UV-stabilized pigments that are consistent throughout the entire piece”


Poly-Wood®designs and manufactures timeless, classic, outdoor furniture …POLYWOOD™ is green – made from a high percentage of post-consumer materials, our furniture transforms landfill waste into usable products.”


Take pleasure in knowing that you have made an educated investment in eco-friendly furnishings, that are lovely and maintenance free, and that you will enjoy for years to come.

Have fun entertaining with your new furnishings and never be afraid to dance!

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